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12 Of The Most Wearable Fashion Trends You’ll See In Stores This Spring

Just when we thought ruffles couldn't get any bolder!

Fortune tellers, we are not. But the runwayswhich are as close as we can get to a crystal ball when it comes to fashionhave given us a good glimpse at what will be filling stores (and hopefully our closets, too!) this spring.

While we were all deep in pumpkin-spice-latte-and-chunky-sweater mode last fall, fashion designers were debuting spring lines on the runways. Here are some of the most wearable trends that will be in stores this spring!

1. Statement Earrings

Dainty studs, take a break. Big, bold statement earrings are getting the ear space, say the fashion forecasters at Elle. On the runways, these earrings extended down past shoulders. (Our lobes are aching just thinking about that!) You can still get in on the trend with lightweight tassels or glitzy baubles that make a statement.

2. Bralettes

Buh-bye, push-up bras. Lacy bralettes are staging a lingerie-drawer takeover, predict the editors at InStyle. Don’t count on them for much support. These dainty, lacy bras are more show-offs. If you’re a fashion daredevil, try letting them play peek-a-boo through lacy tops, a sartorial trick Kourtney Kardashian has aced.

3. The Color Pink

Noticing a lot of pink starting to pop up in stores? It’s not just because Valentine’s Day is approaching. Spring fashion spun the color wheel and landed on this feminine color, and you’ll see it in a range of hues, from subdued pastels to bold fuchsias. Thanks to Vogue for putting this trend on the radar!

4. Bold Stripes

Sure, stripes are a perennial fave and Women’s Wear Daily says stripes are taking a bold stance this spring. This year, they’re super colorful, with primary palettes dominating. They are thick and look like beach towels at the Hamptons were their muses.

5. Banker Stripes

The fashion runways are artistic, surely, and we spot some pretty bold styles flaunted by models. But, every once in awhile, a familiar and classic trend gets thrown in the mix. This year, it’s the banker stripe. The vertical blue stripes are a pattern pick for button-ups, according to Elle.

6. Extreme Ruffles

This ultra-feminine trend started out subtle, adding a little flounce to hemlines and shirts. But as InStyle points out, the girliest detail has gotten even girlier with the cascading ruffles on skirts. We’re spotting some bold ruffles becoming the focal point of sweaters and blouses, too. 

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7. A Single “Cold Shoulder”

We’ve been flirting with this trend for a couple of years, with shoulder cut-outs showing they’ve got some staying power. They’re back for another round this spring, but the 2017 take is a little different. Instead of baring both shoulders, Forbes sees the trend is leaving just one shoulder exposed.

8. Put A Bow On It

In a word, spring 2017 fashion is feminine. Bows are a sweet design detail that we’re noticing on the backs of sweaters and shirts, on the shoulders of dresses and affixed to collars. Brides says we can expect to see the bow trend grace wedding dresses, too.

9. Shirts That Talk

Go ahead, refer comments to your T-shirt. A Christian Dior model paraded down the the runway in a long, sheer skirt with a T-shirt tucked in that said “We should all be feminists.” Allure hints that statement T-shirts are going to be big again this spring.

10. 1990s-Inspired Streetwear

We’re getting a flashback of the Backstreet Boys. It looks like 1990s streetwear is mounting a major comeback in men’s fashion, according to Vogue. The French version of the fashion mag also hints that sportswear like Fila and Umbro could be back in again.

11. Distressed Denim

Ripped jeans, FTW! Gentlemen, it’s seeming the denim du jour is a little distressed and getting the rip treatment near the knees, TheTrendSpotter says.

12. Floral Pants

The early spring arrivals are starting to crop up in stores, pushing sweaters and coats to the clearance racks. We’re noticing some bold florals sprouting up as patterns on pants. It’s still winter, sure, but if you’re getting antsy to spring forward, pair these pants with a knit sweater for a pop of color on a gray day.