This 12 Year Old Genius Plans To Be A Doctor By Age 18

It’s a very special time in a student’s life when they graduate and head off to college,. But you probably don’t expect that day to come when they’re 12 years old.

That’s exactly what’s happening for California native, Tanishq Abraham, reports CBSNews. He’s already got three different associate’s degrees from a community college, and now he’s been accepted into two different University of California campuses to study in the fall.

Not only will he be heading off to college, because of his associate’s degrees, he’ll be entering as a junior. This just keeps getting more and more impressive, doesn’t it?

Abraham doesn’t plan on slowing down after graduating from college, either. He plans to go to medical school, too.

“I think I’ll be 18 when I get my MD,” he told CBS. Talk about goals!

Even at his young age, he’s proving that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Because this whole going to college as an 11 year old thing wasn’t a walk in the park.

“Lots of professors, they didn’t really want me in their classes because I was too young,” he told the publication.

But, all it took was one professor to agree to have him in their class for his intelligence to really shine. Knowledge really is a powerful thing.

Check out this video to learn more of Abraham’s story:

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[h/t: Yahoo! News]