13 Amazing Useful Tips That Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

You think you know everything there is to know about cleaning?  Well check out these tips to further your cleaning knowledge and take your cleaning to the next level.

1. Use Wax Paper On Faucets To Make Them Shine

Wax paper will help prevent water spots and fingerprints.   For detailed instructions click here.

2. Use A Seam Ripper To Get Hair Out Of Your Vacuum


For more detail, click here.

3. Clean In Between Oven Glass


Read the detailed instructions here.

4. Microwave Your Sponge To Kill 99% of Bacteria

sponge photo

According to WebMD, putting a sponge or cleaning pad in the microwave will kill almost all of the bacteria.

5. Clean Your Dishwasher With Kool-Aid

According to Real Simple, use lemonade flavor Kool-Aid in the dispenser and the citric acid will remove all the stains.

6. Use Lemons and Salt To Clean Cutting Boards Without Any Chemicals

7. Use A Bagel To Clean Your Paintings Safely

Learn more here.

8. Get The Gunk Off Your Iron With Salt

clothes iron photo

For all the details on how to do this, click here.

9. Use Baking Soda To Freshen Up Your Mattress

mattress photo
Photo by AlishaV

Just sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit, then vacuum it up.   For detailed instructions click here.

10. Use Cream Of Tarter To Clean Stainless Appliances

To learn more click here.

11. When Cleaning The Bath Tub, Fill The Tub With 1-2 Inches Of Hot Water

bathtub photo
Photo by coolmathteacher

Heating up a bathroom by 10 degrees will double the effectives of alkaline cleaners, said Jenny Botero to HGTV. It’s a trick used by hotels.

12. Get The Buildup Off Cabinets With A Baking Soda Paste


For instructions, click here.

13. Use A Hair Dryer To Remove Water Rings