13 Healthy Stove-Top Meals You Can Make In One Skillet

Preparing a healthy meal that tastes delicious can sometimes be easier said than done. But, what if you could fix yourself a meal that tasted good as well as being good for you?

These 13 healthy meals can be made in a skillet, taking all of the preheating and extra wait time out of the equation. So, get those skillets ready and make sure the eye is hot because you’ve got some cooking to do!

1. Huevos Rancheros

Eggs and black beans on top of a crunchy taco shell make for a great dinner or breakfast option. Add your salsa, avocado and other toppings and serve. Get the recipe.

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2. Honey Mustard & Rosemary Chicken

Tangy and sweet combine in this honey mustard and rosemary chicken dish, and I don’t mind the sounds of that at all. Get the recipe.

Matters Of The Belly

3. Stuffed Bell Peppers

Skip the stuffing and baking step by chopping up those peppers and throwing them into the mix. You won’t regret cooking this all in your skillet. Not one little bit. Get the recipe.

The Wholesome Dish

4. Mac ‘N Cheese With Sausage & Bell Peppers

Mac ‘n cheese is always super yummy, but add in sausage and bell peppers and you’ve got a next-level dinner on your hands (and in your mouth!). Get the recipe.

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5. Pork Chops & Zesty Rice

Cook your meat right along with everything else. This recipe calls for green chilies, peppers, onions and rice— all in one skillet. Easy, tasty, and just what I’m craving for dinner tonight. Get the recipe.

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6. Mexican Quinoa

Black beans, tomatoes, avocados and lime juice give quinoa a Mexican flair. Get the recipe.

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7. Loaded Smashed Potatos

Potato skins, but, you know, for your skillet. Genius! Get the recipe.

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8. Teriyaki Chicken & Pineapple Rice

Sweet pineapple offsets the tanginess of teriyaki sauce, combining for one delicious and flavorful dish. Get the recipe.

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9. Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Mash

Ground turkey and sweet potatoes that have been covered in Mozzarella cheese sounds like just the kind of warm, filling thing I want to eat. Get the recipe.

Primavera Kitchen

10. Tuscan Chicken

Chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes combine to bring all of the tastes of Tuscany into your home. Get the recipe.

The Wanderlust Kitchen

11. Sweet Potato Breakfast With Bacon

Bacon, zucchini, sweet potatoes and eggs combine for a savory dish that’s good enough to eat twice. Once at breakfast and once at dinner. Get the recipe.

Allergy Free Alaska

12. Southwest Pasta

Whole wheat pasta, peppers, onions and corn combine for a healthier pasta with a southwest kick. Get the recipe.

The Wholesome Dish

13. Cauliflower Rice With Zucchini & Kielbasa

Zucchini and kielbasa sausage on top of a bed of “rice” made out of cauliflower sounds healthy and scrumptious. Get the recipe.

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Skillets ready? And go! A healthy skillet meal is coming right up!

[h/t: Greatist]