13 Holiday Quick Breads That Are About To Become Your New Favorites

Baking and the holidays go hand in hand. In fact, most of our holiday memories tend to revolve around food. Whether it was making pumpkin pie with grandma, rolling out cookie dough with dad, or simply gobbling up every molasses cookie in sight, nothing brings back a tide of memories quite like food.

However, it can be hard to get into the joy of holiday baking when you have a million other things on your to-do list.

The answer? Quick breads! Quick breads are the most holiday of all the holiday foods, aren’t they? Sweet, spicy and perfect for gifting, quick breads have been a holiday tradition since the first fruitcake came on the scene.

But, don’t worry. There is more to the quick bread game than just fruitcake and pumpkin bread. Check out these unique, delicious quick bread recipes that will be perfect for a party, a gift, or simply to shove into your face while cry-watching “The Family Stone” for the fifth time.

1. Apple Streusel Bread

This yummy bread boasts fresh apples and a crunchy brown sugar topping. Get the recipe from Mostly Homemade Mom.

Mostly Homemade Mom

2. Avocado Chocolate Bread

Avocado chocolate bread? Might sound a bit out there, but it actually makes a lot of sense! Avocado is a fruit, after all, just like pumpkin or banana—and we know those make delicious quick breads! Best of all, this recipe is paleo-friendly, which also means that it will work for any of your friends or family who have celiac disease. Get the recipe from Living Healthy with Chocolate.


3. Gingerbread Bread

Gingerbread is the most “on-brand” flavor of the season, yet most of us tend to think of gingerbread cookies or gingerbread houses. But even better? Gingerbread bread. It’s dark, it’s moist, it’s sweet, it’s rich. . .it’s as if holiday spirit is just shooting out of your oven! Get the recipe from Tastes of Lizzy T’s.


Tastes of Lizzy T's

4. Sweet Potato And Cinnamon Breakfast Bread

Do you have a vegan in your life or a lactose-intolerant loved one? For them, look no further than this vegan sweet potato and cinnamon bread. Delicious and cruelty-free? Yes, please! Get the recipe from Izy Hossack.

Izy Hossack, Top with Cinnamon

5. Red Wine Apple Quick Bread

Anyone out there love red wine? (Yes, that’s what we thought!) Well, then this red wine apple bread is for you. The red wine gives it a delightful and surprising tang. Get the recipe from Pretty/Hungry.


6. Pumpkin Challah

No Hannukah party would be complete without challah bread, but what about a pumpkin challah centerpiece with honey butter? Now, we’re talking! Get the recipe from Tori Avey.

Tori Avey

7. Coconut Bread With Lime Glaze

Sometimes you want a quick bread that will bring a bit of summery freshness to those long, cold winter days. May we suggest a loaf of coconut bread with lime glaze? Seriously. Why are we just finding out about this delicious bread now? Get the recipe from Wonky Wonderful.

Wonky Wonderful

8. Cranberry Orange Bread

Speaking of citrus flavors, if you want something citrusy but still seasonal as all get out, cranberry orange bread is the way to go. Bonus: You can easily modify this to be gluten-free. Get the recipe from What the Fork.

What the Fork

9. Frosted Eggnog Bread

Eggnog is one of those things you either love or hate. If you are one of the lovers, have we got the quick bread for you! (And, hey, if you think you don’t like eggnog, try a slice of this decadent bread, and you just might change your mind). Get the recipe from Inside Bru Crew Life.

Inside Bru Crew Life

10. Cream Cheese Sweet Bread

Sweet fluffy bread swirled with cream cheese—this is the perfect pastry to enjoy Christmas morning. Or, let’s face it, any morning. Get the recipe from Positively Splendid.

Positively Splendid

11. Lemon Blueberry Bread

Combine the flavors of lemon and blueberry for a bread that is fresh, tangy and sweet all at once. Get the recipe from Glorious Treats.

Glorious Treats

12. Chocolate Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread

The holidays are the one time of year you can really indulge your sweet tooth without guilt, so go big with a generous helping of this chocolate cinnamon pull-apart bread. Get the recipe from  What’s Gaby Cooking?


13. Peppermint Chocolate Bread

Last but not least, this quick bread is so sweet, so seasonal and so pretty that it is just begging to be wrapped up and given as a gift. Get the recipe from Crumbs and Chaos.

Crumbs and Chaos

Happy Holidays! And happy eating!

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