13 Lessons Moms Of Boys Are Guaranteed To Learn

Parenting offers plenty of life lessons, but there is a special set that comes from parenting boys. Sure, boys are often rambunctious bundles of energy, always on the move. But they also have a softer side that can melt a mother’s heart. If you’re a mom to boys, you can pretty much count on learning these lessons—the good, the bad and the great—from raising your little men.

1. Wrestling And Fighting Don’t Actually Mean Anyone Is Angry

Boys will “fight” when they are happy. Push when they are teasing. Show love with a punch. Smack each other on the back of the head to say hello. And wrestle in every room in the house. They fight when they’re angry too, but not every brawl is stimulated by rage.

2. When Heading To The Bathroom, Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

You will learn to look before you sit, and there will be plenty of times you’re left wondering if they even tried to hit the water.

3. Their Hunger Is Insatiable 

Forget saving for college, you better start saving for your grocery bill.

boys eating photo
Flickr | CJ Sorg

4. Loud Is The Only Volume You Will Hear In Your Home

Whether they are roars, growls, rumbling of trucks or any other creative sound effects, these noises will NOT being coming out in a whisper.

5. You Will Never Win The Lego War

Keep fighting, though. The harder you battle, the fewer Lego mines will be left for you to step on. Trust me, you will be grateful for every brick that you manage to avoid.


6. There Is Nothing They Can’t Climb

That couch? Yeah, that looks like a wall to be leaped over then hidden behind. A Bookcase? Oh, that’s actually a ladder. That tall, way-too-skinny-to-actually-be-climbed tree? Up they go.

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7. Potty Training Is Not An Overnight Process

For some reason, this lesson seems to take boys a little longer to learn. Don’t get frustrated with all those accidents. They will figure it out eventually.

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8. You Will Get Hurt

Balls will be thrown at your head when you’re not looking. A plastic sword will be swung a little too aggressively. Every now and then, you will be forced to quit playing because you are tired of getting hurt.

9. They Will Not

“I’m fine. It didn’t really hurt. Let’s just keep playing,” your little boy will say as blood is pouring from his lip or his arm is hanging limp.

10. In A Pinch, Almost Anything Can And Will Be Substituted For A Ball

A rock, an acorn, a wadded-up piece of paper—anything even slightly round can be used for a game of catch.

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11. Be Ready To Compete Because They Will Be

Want to see who can eat this faster? I bet I have more than you. OK, let’s see who can run to that streetlight first. Now the next driveway. Now the corner.

12. Always Check Pants Pockets Before Throwing Them Into The Wash

Sliding your hand into the pockets may cause you to cringe, but the things you will avoid washing will make you grateful you did.

13. You Will Always Be Their First Love

You are the first woman they will bring flowers to. The first girl they try to care for and protect. The first women they hold tight and express their love to. Do your best to teach them how to show women respect and love.

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