13 Unprofessional Phrases That May Be Costing You A Promotion

Work is the last place that you want to seem unprofessional. Did you know that it could be your day-to-day language that is holding you back?

If you’re actively seeking a promotion or just want to do better at your job, you may want to reevaluate how to speak towards others while at the office.

There are several words and phrases that are blatantly unprofessional. Whether you’re in a meeting with a client, or chatting one-on-one with a coworker, make sure that you present yourself like the professional you are. Here are a few key phrases that you should avoid in and around the office.

1. “Like”

Like, how do you think saying, “like” is going to get you the job?

2. “OMG”

OMG, please just don’t use texting language at work.

3. Curse Words

It’s just f******* unprofessional.

4. “I’m So Exhausted”

We’ve all been there. However, boasting about how tired you are may seem like you could be slacking on the job. If you’re “so exhausted” while at work, your boss might just think that you aren’t up for the task.

5. “I’m So Hungover”

Once again, we’ve all been there. However, work is not the place to divulge your late night antics. Talking about your hangover is a quick way to lose your coworkers’ respect.

6. “I Need A Drink”

No matter if you’re trying to make light conversation or not, avoid talking about drinking while on the clock. No matter how desperately you want that drink.

7. “Is It Friday Yet?”

While at work, working should be your priority. Don’t get caught up in thinking about the weekend. If you focus on the task at hand, I promise you the weekend will come much more quickly.

8. “Get Over It”

Telling someone to “get over it” is rude. Any type of brisk or blunt language isn’t always helpful when you’re working with others. Keep your tone light, friendly, and helpful while at the office.

9. “I’m Bored”

If you have work to do, then you shouldn’t be bored. If you don’t have any work to do, then ask around. I’m sure your coworkers would love a helping hand.

10. Anything Sexual

Keep it clean while at the office. Any mention of sexual activity should be off limits. It’ll keep things less awkward, and make everyone feel much more comfortable.

11. “Sorry”

Cut unnecessary apologies in their tracks. We can get into a habit of saying sorry for useless reasons. Instead, try saying, “excuse me” or “if you have a moment” next time.

12. “Actually”

The word “actually” is a filler word. If helps fill your language between your actual thoughts. Try to cut out filler language, and get to the point. It makes for much shorter work emails.

13.  “Uhm”

Once again, this is a filler word. Not only that, but it also makes you seem confused or unsure. Speak with confidence at work. Don’t hide behind inactive language.

What have you heard that’s cringe-worthy?


Here are some tips on how to eliminate those words from your vocabulary.

Photo by ibm4381