13 Surprising Facts About What It’s Really Like To Be On HGTV’s Fixer Upper

The cameras, the lights, the buzz, the reveal. One of HGTV’s hottest shows, Fixer Upper, isn’t all that it appears to be on the surface. Here’s some fun facts and information about the show:

1. You Have To Buy A House Near Waco, Texas

As you know, Chip & Joanna are family people, so your house needs to be within 40 miles of the city.

2. Don’t Expect To Become Besties With Chip & Jo

While Chip & Johanna are friendly during the show, don’t expect to hang out with them, watch reruns, and eat pizza. They’re busy people, and it’s just not practical.

3. Chip & Jo Don’t Have A TV

Speaking or reruns, they don’t have a TV in their home. They do occasionally get together with friends to watch shows, but you won’t see them spending time plugged in front of the TV.

4. You Need A Decent Budget

To be considered, you need a minimum $30,000 budget for renovations.

5. Be Prepared To Give Up The Reins

Their design team will take over. Literally. If you’re a control freak and want a say in every detail, forget about it.

6. You Can Already Own The House

As long as it’s within 40 miles of Waco, TX and you already own your home, you can be considered for the show.

7. Expect To Give A Lot Of Information Up Front

Get your typing fingers ready. If you don’t already own a home, the online application contains up to 40 questions.

8. The Casting Process Moves Quickly

Jaime Ferguson told Holy Craft, “I applied to HGTV and heard from the casting agency the next day. After that it was a quick, big, exciting blur consisting of a Skype interview, written questionnaire and some phone calls and meetings.”

9. The Same Carpenter Is Used In Every Remodel

Clint Harp, owner of Harp Design Co. is used in every home remodel. Clint told wacoan.com, “I literally met Chip at a gas station, and the rest is history.”

10. Nothing Is Left Untouched, Even Rooms That Aren’t Shown On TV

Cast member Jaime Ferguson said everything was completed in their home, even if it wasn’t shown during the reveal. Those rooms may be more cosmetic — new fixtures, paint, carpet, etc.

11. Chip Really Is A Goofball

While Joanna is more quiet, thoughtful and reserved, Chip keeps the cast and crew laughing the whole time.

12. Furniture Isn’t Included

Sometimes Jo will include your own furniture, but many of the staged pieces aren’t included in the budget. At the end of the show, the homeowners have the opportunity to purchase any pieces they like. The rest, however, is packed back up. Bummer.

13. Fixer Upper Isn’t Their Only Business

In addition to their renovation business, Magnolia Homes, Chip & Jo own a few other businesses, including: