14 Clean-Eating Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Skimping on Flavor

The principles of clean eating include incorporating more “real,” nourishing, unprocessed foods as well as more plant-based foods into your diet. But even recipes that are good for you can taste amazing and appease a craving for something sweet.

Check out this collection of luscious desserts with natural, nutritious ingredients that will help you feel happier and healthier.

Soft And Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

There is nothing quite as satisfying as an old-fashioned, comforting cookie. Amy at Amy’s Healthy Baking makes these oatmeal raisin cookies with simple ingredients and no refined sugar. You probably have most of these items in your kitchen already.

Amy's Healthy Baking

Cookie Dough

Everyone’s done it: snatched a chunk (or two … or three) of raw cookie dough for a sweet snack while baking. Scott and Whitney of He and She Eat Clean shared a recipe for cookie dough you can eat without guilt. No baking necessary!

He and She Eat Clean

Key Lime Pie Bars

Smooth and creamy with the perfect blend of tart and sweet, key lime pie is a divine dessert. Thanks to its all-natural corn flake crust and wholesome filling ingredients, you can enjoy these bars from Olena at iFOODreal any time.

iFood Real

Strawberry Dole Whip

Dole Whip is a favorite treat for Disney theme park visitors. This strawberry take on the classic creamy confection is a clean and easy way to “whip it up.” All you need is five ingredients and a blender for this recipe from Dashing Dish.

Dashing Dish

Skillet Peanut Butter Cookie

Warm, rich and sweet, this combo of peanut butter and chocolate straight of the pan is to die for. You will be hard-pressed to determine whether you like the slightly crisp edges or the gooey center better in this dessert by Well Plated. With clean and wholesome ingredients (chickpeas, anyone?), you can enjoy a big slice to find out.

Well Plated

Frozen Banana Snickers Bites

Some days, you might be tempted to dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or scarf down a candy bar. Skip the processed, sugar-loaded junk and indulge in these little treats instead. These frozen banana bites from Sweet as Honey are clean, healthy and even vegan.

Sweet as Honey

Star Crunch

Little Debbie has nothing on this sweet dessert. Sara at The Organic Dietitian has created a six-ingredient star crunch recipe that you can feel good about serving. Bonus: You can make these in minutes.

The Organic Dietitian

Chocolate Banana Freezer Pie

Pie for dessert makes any day seem special. The creamy banana and cocoa filling in this treat by The Nourishing Gourmet doesn’t require baking, so you can quickly make this on a weeknight if the craving hits.

The Nourishing Gourmet

Coconut Chocolate Squares

Sometimes you feel like a nut, other times you simply yearn for a satisfying combination of chocolate and coconut. This recipe by Kitchen Vignettes for PBS only requires four clean ingredients. Enjoy!


Blueberry Almond Crumble

Plump, juicy berries topped with a cinnamon-spiced crumble will curb any craving for sweets. This nourishing recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking allows you to use fresh or frozen fruit, so you can serve it year-round.

Amy's Healthy Baking

Fudgy Brownies

Who would turn down brownies for a final course? Nate at Wanna Bite came up with a chocolatey recipe with whole-wheat flour, organic cane sugar and other clean ingredients.

Wanna Bite

Chocolate Pizza

Pizza is perfect for any meal, including dessert. This clean, sweet pie from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind has a secret ingredient in the crust, but we won’t tell if you don’t.

Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind

Maple Pecan Bananas

You might be tempted to eat this tasty treat from Clean Eating Recipes Blog for breakfast. If you do, you don’t have to feel too guilty. The whole, healthy ingredients make it yummy and good for you.

Clean Eating Recipes Blog

Chocolate Mousse

You can’t go wrong with decadent chocolate. This mousse from The Roasted Root gets its creaminess from avocados and its sweetness from pure honey.  Toss the fixings into the blender and you’re on your way to a luscious clean dessert.

The Roasted Root


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