14 examples of handwriting so perfect it’s almost scary


Let’s talk about handwriting. Everyone has a distinct style to their penmanship, but some people really seem to have an upper hand (no pun intended) when it comes to their writing. You know the type I’m talking about. Handwriting that looks so good it almost looks printed.

So there’s that kind of handwriting, and then there’s the handwriting that needs its own classification. Perhaps perfect?

You can be the judge.

1. As Good As Gold

This little hand-lettered invitation is beautiful, and what’s even more crazy to think about is that this was just one of 50 that were written out.

reddit/ CarlosTheArtist

2. Wake Up And See The Handwriting On This Cup That Is Way Superior To Your Own

Oh, the writing on this Starbucks cup.

Can we all have our names written just like this the next time we order a latte?

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3. So You’re Saying This Person Is Not A Robot?

Here’s handwriting that should be turned into a font. For real.

4. This Handwriting Is A Work Of Art

We give this person a double thumbs up, because if you’ve ever written anything in sidewalk chalk, you know how challenging it can be!

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5. All Lined Up

So straight, so perfect and while it looks like this writing should’ve been on lined paper, it’s on a vertically hung dry erase board.

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6. So Perfect, It Could Have Been Typed

Here’s another person’s handwriting that should also be turned into a font.

7. Our Penmanship Instructor Was Obviously Slacking If This Is What’s Possible

These notes about chemistry are almost pretty enough that we want to study it too.

chem notes

8. And Color-Coded, Too!

It’s like every letter is perfect in these notes from class.

Some old notes from a Differential Diagnosis class from PenmanshipPorn

9. Almost Hypnotic In Its Perfection

Unusual handwriting, but it sure is neat and also pretty mesmerizing.

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10. That apostrophe though …

That apostrophe took effort.

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11. So Perfect It Should Be In A Museum

The person that posted this photo says this note was written in 1894.

What’s even more interesting is that, in the comments, one person wrote that this is most likely Copperplate or Spencerian writing, which was used for business and government purposes. They also mentioned that people would attend special schools just to learn this unique style of writing. Can you imagine?

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12. Not At All Modest

The person who posted this photo on Imgur wrote, “I’ve been accused of typing handwritten exams more than once.” Yeah, we can see why.

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13. Can’t. Stop. Staring.

Wow. This person posted on Reddit that they “spent some time to write out Oscar Wilde’s ‘Reading of the Ballard Gaol.'” This is really something.

14. Like Ocean Waves

And who knew “minimum” could be such a beautiful word? Stunning!

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I know one thing, all of the sources of this handwriting should be receiving this handwriting-turned-into-jewelry as a gift for their next birthday or holiday.

Grace Personalized

Various companies make bracelets and necklaces that turn one’s handwritten words into metal, and the results are really lovely.

Personalized handwriting bracelet
Caitlyn Minimalist

And they say handwriting’s a dead art.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]


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