14 Pictures That Prove Parents Have The Best Sense Of Humor

There’s no way around it: Parenting is hard. The days are long and sometimes it can feel like a thankless job.

But even though the demands are high, these parents are proof that there are plenty of opportunities to bring a sense of humor to the game.

Because nothing makes a tough job easier than making sure you have a little fun along the way.

1. When you ask your parents to send you a selfie and it comes through the mail…

Parents sent me a selfie… In the mail

2. Well this is one way to entertain a toddler.

Would this be considered bad parenting?

3. Here’s what happened when one teen asked her mom to buy her black T-shirts…

I told my mom I needed plain black t-shirts, and she comes home with this…

4. What happens when you go off to college and the family dog takes over your old bedroom.

My Dad said my dog took over my room after I left for College. He sent me this…

5. These parents claim they love all of their kids equally.

My parents always said they love their kids equally, but that is hard to believe when I come home for Christmas to this.

6. When parents dine at a fancy restaurant equipped with mood lighting…

Took the parents to a fancy restaurant with mood lighting for my graduation.

7. When you text your parents to make sure they’re okay after you hear there’s an escaped murderer in the neighborhood, and they send this.

There’s an escaped murderer near where i live, so i texted my parents to see if they are ok, they set me this…

8. His mom’s excuse was that she didn’t have any other picture frames.

Her excuse was she didnt have any other picture frames, thanks mom.

9. Well that’s one way to make sure your kid doesn’t speed.

Very over protective father

10. Cue the “Jaws” theme music—this baby is ready.

A baby bed inspired by the film “Jaws”

11. This is one way to keep your daughter from dating.

Dad security

12. You can never be too prepared for your kid’s first driving lesson.

So my friend has her first driving lesson with her Dad.

13. When parents decide to one-up your vacation photo.

Friend went to Disney World and posted this pic. His parents responded.

14. These parents didn’t waste any time replacing photos of their son after he moved out of the house.

My boyfriend moved out of his parents house last year, he’s been replaced already.