14 Little Things That Are Universally Infuriating

Sometimes, being a human being is tough. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to make someone annoyed—just think of all the online channels alone!

And sometimes, it’s not even the big things that send us into a blind rage. Here are 14 little things that, chances are, make most of us want to scream.

1. When you let someone cross the street and they don’t wave “thank you”

Hey. I just stopped my giant car to let you cross the street because I am a nice person. You didn’t necessarily have the right of way. I could have made you wait, but I didn’t. So raise your stinking hand and WAVE THANK YOU TO ME.

2. When someone in line at Starbucks tells the barista, “I need…”

Lady, you don’t need your venti-no-whip-extra-hot-no-foam-Persian-bean-alka-seltzer-half-caf-extra-whatever latte. You want it, because Starbucks is delicious and drinking coffee there is nice. So be nice and say, “may I please have…” like your mother ostensibly taught you.


3. When empty packaging gets put back into the fridge or the pantry

If you have a husband, a boyfriend or sons, you know this pain. “Ooh, Mini-Wheats,” you think…only to find the box absolutely empty. Commence rage stomping.

4. When you’re walking with a to-go cup of coffee and some sloshes out onto the top and you just can’t get it all and live in fear of it splashing on you

America will not be the greatest country in the world until we can figure out a way to prevent this terrible occurrence.

Photo by Marco Arment
Photo by Marco Arment
Photo by Marco Arment

5. When soap dispensers are overzealous and spray liquid soap on you

This also applies to pump hand soap at home. You know when the top gets clogged so you press on it really hard and the soap comes shooting out at gale force and sprays all across your shirt? Yes, me too. It’s awful.

6. When the remote suddenly decides to stop working

No, whacking it against the side of the sofa won’t help, but it does make us feel better.

Photo by espensorvik
Photo by espensorvik
Photo by espensorvik

7. When you accidentally buy decaf at the store

Or any other weird or off-brand item for that matter. Fat-free ricotta, I’m looking at you.

decaf coffee photo
Photo by JeepersMedia

8. When people don’t put their shopping carts away

This is such a small task—just put your grocery cart away. There are little stalls for them everywhere. Don’t leave yours loose to blow around the parking lot and bash into other people’s cars.

Shopping cart

9. When people leave their turn signals on long after they’ve changed lanes

This is not only incredibly exasperating, it’s also dangerous. How do other drivers know if you’re going to make an erratic movement? Just turn your blinker off, PLEASE.

10. When you forget your coffee is cold but take a sip anyway and then have to deal with winter in your mouth


Photo by madame.furie
Photo by madame.furie
Photo by madame.furie

11. Hook-and-eye closures at the backs of pants and skirts

Why couldn’t you just put this on the side of the skirt like a normal designer? Why do I have to be a contortionist to wear these pants? Why did I even buy this?

12. Getting to a store with a coupon and finding out it expired three days ago

This is only fine if you’re at Bed Bath & Beyond, where they always seem to let it slide. Otherwise, tough nuggets.


13. When someone takes a cup of coffee before the pot is done brewing

Um, excuse me. Wait your turn like the rest of us caffeine-deprived people.

14. When someone is on their phone at checkout

This is actually kind of a huge thing, and it never fails to make me absolutely livid. Be a human being with manners, and end your phone call. Not only does it make everything take longer, but it gives you an air of being above it all. Your kind checkout person is doing his or her job and deserves respect just like everyone else. Maybe you’ve done this before—now just promise to never do it again.

Photo by Elvert Barnes
Photo by Elvert Barnes
Photo by Elvert Barnes

Now… take a deep breath, and then think twice next time before partaking in one of these infuriating annoyances for the sake of yourself and everyone else involved.