14 Pictures Of Highland Cattle Calves To Brighten Your Day

Seriouslyโ€”try to look at these guys without smiling!

Admit it. More than once, you have drifted away from whatever it was you were supposed to be doing to ooh and ahh over photos of adorable baby animals. Who can blame you? Adulting can be monotonous and difficult, while cute little critters just make you feel happy.

Well, you better go grab a snack or top off your coffee, because some time wasting is about to happen with some fluffy, doe-eyed animal babies. We’re not going to show you kittens, puppies or the latest newborns at the zoo. What you’re about to see is perhaps the most huggable farm animal yet: Highland cattle calves.

Native to Scotland, Highland cows are known for their short legs and long, wavy coats, which gives them a soft, snuggly appearance, especially when they are young.

Here’s a healthy dose of pics of lovable livestock little ones that are sure to melt your heart. In fact, they may even cause you to consider a career change. Highland cattle farming, anyone?

1. Ohhh, this little guy has an itch. Here, let me scritchy-scratch you!

2. Teddy bear in disguise.

3. Oh my goodness, wook at those widdle wegs! Sorry, but how can you not baby talk to this sweetie?

4. White, woolly and wonderful.

5. Coming in for the nose boop!

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6. “I’m cute! She said I’m cute!” the baby cow said (probably).

7. Oh my word, it’s a cuddly koala calf. Squee!

8. He’s going to hug himย and love him and squeeze himย into itty bitty pieces!

I want ten of these calves, amd will name the very first one Tom Petty. #highlandcalf

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9. Mommy kisses from baby.

10. Really, does itย getย any cuter than this little doll?

11. That tongue!

12. Sweet gray baby is under mama’s watchful care.

13. One pair of Highland cattle calves, please. Yes, these will do nicely.

14. Shh… the baby’s sleepy. Time for us to slip away.

[h/t: Bored Panda]