14 Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids To Make Their Day

As parents we can get caught up in moment. Correcting bad behavior, imparting lessons learned, and making sure our kids do things the right way. But in the business world,  we know that the top performing teams receive six positive comments for every negative one.  Guess what? It works for kids too. After all, they’re just little adorable humans.

So there’s no better time to start your positivity kick than now. Give the kids a boost on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being pollyanna-ish. Only say these things when you mean them, don’t just do it for the sake of it. Here are 14 things you can say to make your kids day, right now:

1. I really like you.
2. You’re an important part of this family.
3. I trust you.
4. I believe you.
5. I love spending time with you.
6. You’re fun to hang out with.
7. Tell me more.
8. You are great at that.
9. I was wrong.
10. You are working really hard.
11. I noticed.
12. I’m listening.
13. I’m happy to see you.
14. You make this family better.