14 Unusual Ways To Make An Additional $10K This Year

Boosting your bank account doesn’t have to be a full time job. In fact, make 2016 your most profitable year yet by finding unexpectedly easy ways to make more money. Whether it’s getting rid of some of your old stuff or taking on a new job for a few hours per week, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra spending money without resorting to a full time job.

Here are 14 unexpected ways to make more cash in 2016.

1. Recycle Old Phones

If you’re looking for quick cash, consider recycling your old cell phones. Whether it’s a dusty old flip phone or a cracked smartphone, many online websites and in-store vendors will trade you your old cell phone for cash. According to CNet.com, premium smartphones in top working condition can fetch around $350 per phone. Even older flip phones can get you a few dollars with the right vendor.

cell phone photo
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2. Take Online Surveys

If you’re looking to receive a steady flow of cash, consider taking online surveys. There are dozens of sites all over the internet that offer cash in exchange for taking online surveys. While the cash amounts are pretty small per survey, they do add up over time. Be sure to check out Simplemost’s preferred list of online survey sites to see which site works best for you.

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3. Sell Old Clothing

Make the most of your spring cleaning by selling your gently-used clothing. Sites like Poshmark, Tradesy, and even eBay help buyers sell their clothing for a profit. It’s a simple way to get the most out of your belongings.

clothing rack photo
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4. Search The Web

Get paid for doing something that you do everyday – searching the web! Swagbucks in an online survey company that offers users points (that can add up to cash) for simply using the company’s search engine. Essentially, the company is collecting data of what’s trending across the internet, and looking to pay users for their search data. It may take some time to rack up enough points for a cash buy out, however, it’s an easy way to ensure yourself an extra paycheck.

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5. Pour Drinks

If you’re looking to make quick money on the weekends, consider becoming a brand ambassador for an alcoholic beverage company. According to ThePennyHoarder.com, brand ambassadors can make around $25/hour just serving samples. However, seeing as this is such a great deal, there are many companies out there looking to scam would-be employees. Be sure to check out trustworthy companies like Inspira Marketing and Baretc.com if you’re looking for extra cash.

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6. Become A Driver

Use your car as a way of making extra cash by becoming either a Lyft or Uber driver. Uber drivers typically make $25/hour where as Lyft drivers make around $35/hour, according to their respective sites. Simply driving others around a few times per week can lead to some serious cash.

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7. Be A Good Friend

Sites like RentAFriend.com allow individuals to pay someone else for a day (or set period of time) for their companionship. It’s a great site for those looking for a dinner companion, local tour guide, or even a drinking buddy. Being a companion starts at $10/hour, however, the rate can be flexible due to the activities planned. Being friendly has never been so profitable.

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8. Sell Your Notes

Give yourself some spending money by selling your old college notes online. Companies like Nexus Notes and Course Hero offer students the opportunity to sell their notes in exchange for cash. If you’re already taking notes in school, why not make a profit? Just be sure to check with your university standards to make sure that you aren’t violating any school-specific policies.

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9. Become A Mystery Shopper

Get paid to go shopping by becoming a mystery shopper. Basically, companies pay to have select individuals go into their stores, act like a regular customer, and report their feedback. According to Forbes, companies tend to pay anywhere from $5-$20 per visit, and often reimburse a portion of your purchased items.

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10. Head To The Grocery Store

Get paid by going grocery shopping for someone else! A new company called Instacart hires individuals to work as personal shoppers, drivers, or even cashiers for online grocery orders. Work a few flexible shifts per week and watch your cash flow in!

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11. Walk Dogs

Make extra cash by offering to walk dogs in your area. In fact, there are several apps out there that help pair walkers up with local dog owners.

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12. Sell Your Hair/Plasma/Sperm

If you’re really low on cash, consider selling either your hair, plasma, or sperm. All of these are perfectly legal to sell as long as they are through the proper channel. Moneytalksnews.com reports that plasma donors can make anywhere from $15 to $40 for their plasma, whereas hair donors can make a few hundred dollars depending on the length and thickness of their hair.

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13. Rent Your Backyard

Do you live in a rural area or generally have a spacious back garden? Consider renting out your backyard to campers through AirBnB. The online housing services allows rent out your outdoor spaces to potential vacationers. It’s an easy way to make a quick buck!

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14. Help Others With Their Hangover

Ever wish that someone could just bring you a burrito when you’re hungover? Well, there’s an app for that. HangoverHelpers is an handy app that employs individuals to bring food, Gatorade, or a helping hand to those who are suffering from a hangover. Employees make $20 per roommate that is helped.

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