14 Ways To Decorate For The Holidays With Mason Jars

Mason jars usually have a shabby chic kind of feel to them, but they can also be super festive additions to the home.

You may have never thought of using mason jars as decoration, especially around Christmas time, but believe it or not, they will be very beautiful as décor for the holidays. So, if you were planning on spending a lot of money on decorations, think again.

Whether you use them as a candle holder or a tree ornament, there will be an added sense of cheer no matter where you place them.

So, get creative and have some fun with your decorating skills. These jars are all you’re going to need this holiday season. Check out 14 ways you can start spreading Christmas cheer, all with some tiny containers.

1. Frosted Candle

Using a stencil, spray paint and a candle, you can add a frosted glow to your home.

Something Turquoise

2. Floating Candle

With water, berries and sprigs of a tree, you can provide a very Christmas-y feel. Learn how.


3. Ornament

You can decorate the lid to make a very festive ornament for the tree.

It All Started With Paint

4. Snow Globe

Placing tiny figurines inside a mason jar can make for a very adorable DIY snow globe project.


5. Vase

Paint a jar and add some ribbon. Then, place some poinsettias in there for a very cute vase.

Our Thrifty Ideas

6. Christmas Countdown

Place numbers on the lids and make a Christmas tree-shaped calendar.

Cherished Bliss

7. Twinkle Lights

Stuff strings of lights inside a mason jar add just enough twinkle to any room. Learn how.

Making Lemonade Blog

8. Crocheted Jars

Add some texture and cuteness to jars with a handmade touch. Learn how.

Dottie Angel

9. Snowman Mason Jar

With just a little paint, you can change your mason jar into a tiny snowman. How adorable is that?

Painted Mason Jar Snowman3
I Dig Pinterest

10. Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Using the rings, you can make a lovely wreath to display on your door for the holidays.


11. Glitter Mason Jar Lamp

Glitter is always fun, isn’t it? Don’t pass up the opportunity to use it for a mason jar DIY. Learn how.


12. Snow Globe Soap Dispenser

Take that snow globe project a step further and turn it into a soap dispenser you can use all season long.

Mad In Crafts

13. Mason Jar Lid Scene

A lid with tiny figurines makes for the perfect ornament.

Sugar Bee Crafts

14. Tiny Mason Jar Lights

Why not string these tiny lights on your tree this season? So, you have to buy these, but they’re only $19.99. It’ll be the cutest thing you ever did. I promise. Buy them here.

Screen shot 2015-10-20 at 11.00.43 PM
Factory Direct Crafts

Be fun and festive this holiday season with mason jar décor. Go on, it’s never too early to start decorating. Aren’t you already counting down to Christmas, anyways? I know I am!

[h/t: Popsugar]