15 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, there are several ways to save money on your wedding without feeling like your sacrificing your dream day. All you have to do is figure out where you can cut a few corners.

Whether it’s slimming down your guest list or forgoing those expensive table decorations, there are plenty of money saving tricks to cut costs at your wedding. Here are 15 wedding planning hacks that will help you save money on your special day.

1. Don’t Get Married On A Saturday

Most weddings tend to fall on a Saturday, which is why it is generally the most expensive day to get married during the week. Save yourself some money by comparing prices at your event space.

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2. Extend Your Engagement

Extending your engagement allows both you and your partner to save a little extra money for your big event.

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3. Consider Artificial Flowers

As any florist can tell you, real flowers can be very pricey. Consider cutting costs by using artificial flowers for your wedding. This way you still get gorgeous looking flowers at almost half the cost. Also, this allows you to keep the flowers from your wedding day for as long as you want!

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4. Schedule Your Wedding During The Off Season

According to Real Simple, scheduling your wedding during the “off season” is a great way to negotiate lower rates. For instance, planning your wedding in November, January, or March is more cost effective then planning a wedding during the summer.

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5. Skip On Guest Favors

While it may seem like a cute idea to have party favors for guests, these favors can often be expensive and often times get overlooked. Instead, invest this extra money in things your guests will actually enjoy like a fantastic DJ or top-shelf alcohol.

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6. Trim Down The Guest List

Your second cousin’s coworkers don’t have to attend your wedding. Make your big day that much more special by inviting only close friends and family.

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7. Consider Renting Or Borrowing Your Gown

Wedding dresses are often cost a large portion of your total wedding budget. In order to cut down on costs, consider renting or borrowing a gown. Sites such as RentTheRunway.com or BorrowingMagnolia.com allow brides to rent out a designer dress at a fraction of the cost.

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8. Have A Daytime Reception

Brunch or lunch options are much cheaper to serve than dinner, according to Real Simple.

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9. Have A Signature Cocktail

Instead of having an open bar at your wedding, consider crafting a signature cocktail for your guests to sip one. By having one or two liquor options, you can significantly cut down on your alcohol expenses.

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10. Book Hotel Room Blocks For Your Guests

Sites like Jetaport and Hotelplanner allow you to make multiple hotel bookings, while giving your a group discount. This allows for all of your guests to be staying in the same area, while getting a great deal.

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11. Choose Local Vendors

Make the best of your planning by choosing vendors from your local area. This way nothing has to be flown in or shipped, which helps to cut down on overall costs.

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12. Ditch The Traditional Wedding Cake

Custom-made wedding cakes can cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, keep things simple by choosing either cupcakes, a smaller wedding cake, or do away with the cake all together.

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13. Create Your Own Centerpieces

Instead of having elaborate flower arrangements as your center pieces, consider the DIY route by making your own. Grab a few things from the craft store like small lanterns and votive candles and build yourself simplistic table pieces.

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14. DIY Your Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Show your bridesmaids just how much you care about their involvement in your special day by creating handmaid gifts for each person. Check out this fun article on how to create a sweet tote bag for your bridesmaids.

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15. Send E-Vites

Instead of sending formal paper invitations for each faucet of your wedding, consider using e-vites . This is a simple way to save on money without making a huge sacrifice. E-vites are perfect for smaller wedding get-togethers like bachelor parties or bridal showers.

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