14 DIY Wreaths To Get Your Home Looking Festive In No Time

Don’t have those holiday decorations up yet? If you’re feeling like the pressure is on, fear not! There are some easy ways to decorate your home that won’t take you too much time.

The first step to a festive holiday theme is to have a wreath on your door, so you’re going to want to try out at least one of these 15 wreaths that you can make for yourself. You’ll definitely take your outdoor décor to the next level with a special handmade touch. So, take that, neighbor (who had their decorations up a week ago)!

1. Jingle Bell Wreath

Hear the sounds of sleigh bells every single time you come in or out of your house with this oh-so-festive jingling wreath. Follow this tutorial from Martha Stewart.

2. Magical Forest Wreath

Artificial snow and tiny evergreen trees bring the spirit of a magical forest to your front door. Follow this tutorial from Good Housekeeping.

3. Sequined Wreath

What’s Christmas without a little sparkle, you know? Or … a lot of sparkle. Follow this tutorial from Pottery Barn.

4. Abundant Ornament Wreath

Ornaments are just so fun and festive, aren’t they? Follow this tutorial from Live Love DIY.

5. Hanging Ornament Wreath

All you need for this wreath is a hanger and some ornaments. It’s incredibly easy to make (trust me, I’ve seen it in person), and it’ll look great when you’re through. Follow this tutorial from Six Sisters Stuff.

6. Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Magnolia leaves are the perfect size and shape for a lovely, natural wreath. Follow this tutorial from Daisy Mae Belle.

7. Birch Bark Wreath

Birch bark sheets can be cut into shapes and formed into one winter woodland creation. Follow this tutorial from Country Living.

8. Clothes Pin Wreath

Hang Christmas cards, family photos and more from this wreath that has a very personalized touch. Follow this tutorial from Gwenny Penny.

9. Pinecone Wreath

This pinecone wreath is almost completely free and is very simple. So, how could you pass up the opportunity to make it? Follow this tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas.

10. Felt Poinsettia Wreath

Nothing is more festive for the holidays than poinsettias so get crafty and create a wreath out of bright red felt flowers, why don’t you? Follow this tutorial from Skip To My Lou.

11. Traditional Wreath

Because traditional wreaths don’t have to be store-bought, after all. Follow this tutorial from Fynes Designs.

12. Pom Pom Wreath

This wreath is so adorable, you’ll want to leave it up year-round. Follow this tutorial from Wonder How To.

13. Snowflake Wreath

Snowflake ornaments make for one perfectly snowy winter wreath. Follow this tutorial from Laura’s Crafty Life.

14. Wool Scarf Wreath

A wreath form and a scarf is all you need to make a piece of holiday décor that’s quite fitting for the season. Follow this tutorial from One Fab Day.