15 Genius Organizing Hacks

No matter how many square feet your home is, things always seem to find a way of outgrowing their space.

To keep clutter to a minimum, and just to make your day-to-day life so much easier, these organization tips can help you keep your valuables secure and out of the way.

Once everything’s tidy and in its place, you’ll feel much better and come to love the home you’re in again. Make your home way more functional and way less of a mess with these 15 organization hacks.

1. CD Storage Boxes

Breathe new life into CD storage boxes that are typically used on your desk or in an office become an excellent way to store lotions, perfumes and more. Not only are they functional, they’re also super decorative, so you won’t mind them sitting out on your vanity.

iHeart Organizing

2. Pill Boxes

Pill boxes are great for organizing more than just pills. You can use them to store rings, earrings, cuff links and other little knick knacks.

Kathleen Kamphausen

3. Silverware Trays

These are obviously great for organizing utensils, but you can also hang vertically, add knobs and use as a clever way to organize your jewelry.

The DIY Mommy

4. Spice Racks

These are great for organizing books, nail polish, etc. Spice racks aren’t just for spices. Who knew?

This Mom's Gonna Snap

5. Mason Jars

Mason jars with hold cupcake foils or other odds and ends for the kitchen. The best part is they can easily be tucked away inside a drawer or stacked in a cabinet and still won’t make a mess.

Table For Two

6. Shoe Organzier

These are obviously great for organizing shoes, but they can also be used in the bathroom or in the pantry as a way to add visible storage.

Money Saving Queen

7. Shower Cady

Shower caddies aren’t just for the shower anymore. They can easily be hung in the office, the bedroom, or anywhere that you need a little extra organization.

Better Homes and Gardens

8. File Divider

A file divider can be put inside a cabinet to vertically store pots and pans. This means no more clanging and banging around every time you need to get to that bottom pan, and will help reduce scratches that come from stacking dishes.

Martha Stewart

9. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are great for organizing knives and other metal kitchen utensils. They’re also a great solution for holding things like tweezers, nail clippers and other toiletries.

Darkroom & Dearly

10. CD Racks

If you’ve got a messy Tupperware drawer (and let’s be honest, of course you do), then a CD rack can be the answer to organizing all of those lids. This works great for pot & pan lids too!

Hip 2 Save

11. Tabs

Soda can tabs can be added to hangers to provide more hanging space in the closet. I’ll definitely be using this space-saving hack because my closet needs the most work of all. Too many clothes, too little space…


12. Wine Racks

Wine racks take on a new function when hung in the bathroom. Roll towels and place horizontally (like a bottle of wine) or use to hang up a wet towel so it dries.


13. Garment Bags

Garment bags are great for storing things in an upright position. Got rolls of wrapping paper lying around? Not anymore!

The Chic

14. Kitchen Cart

A cart with wheels can be of use in the kitchen, bathroom and in the kids’ rooms. They can be used create for toiletries, a bar cart, or store books, toys and more.

Project Nursery

15. Magnetic Board

A magnetic board can be a great way to store your makeup. Simply glue a magnet to the back of your makeup items, and voila, they’re up out of the way until you need them again. Plus, you can get inspired by having the ability to see every color and shade.

Apartment Therapy

I don’t know about you, but I find these organization tricks to be purely brilliant. If you’re not already implementing these strategies, you better get on that. Once you do, say hello to your new and improved clutter-free home. Ahh, doesn’t that feel better?

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]