15 Great Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be Single

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Every year, and at every holiday, there’s reason to celebrate being in a relationship, or being single. If you’re the latter of the two, sometimes it can feel lonely when your bestie comes home for the holidays with her new boo and they canoodle, cuddle and smooch in the corner of the bar all night.

But you’re not alone. A NY Post article reported that there were 124.6 million single Americans in 2014. Thats 50.2 percent of the US population (over the age of 16). So really, you’re not alone. And as long as you embrace it the right way, it can be a good, if not great thing. Here’s 15 reasons why:

1. You Can Focus On Your Career

When in a committed relationship, you have to be mindful of your partner’s needs too. Being single, you can go in early, work later, and attend networking events to help give your career – and yourself, the boost you deserve.

2. You Can Do What You Want

A coffee date with a friend, an extra long session at the gym, or a trip to the outlet malls, if you want to do it, you can, without anyone’s permission.

3. You Stay In Better Shape

A study by Diet Chef surveyed couples and it was determined that 62 percent said they gained weight once they were in a relationship. Longer snuggle session on the couch and less time at the gym can take its toll.

4. You Can (Not) Do Something

Don’t feel like going to the bars or playing a round of golf? You don’t have to.

5. You Can Buy What You Want

Have you been wanting to splurge on a new pair of shoes or purse? Being single, you won’t have a SO giving you the stink-eye when you walk through the door with a new package.

6. You Can Decorate To Match Your Personal Style

If “man-cave” isn’t your jam, you’re in luck. Having things that match (or are eclectic) is your decorative palate, and you get to own it.

7. You Have More Time To Spend With Friends

If your friends are like mine, they plan last minute happy hours and mani-pedi sessions. Without extra baggage, you’re free to spend as much time with your girls as you want.

8. You Can Focus On Your Needs

Have you been meaning to read, “Lean In” or take a class to boost a specific skill set? Having extra time certainly plays in your favor here.

9. You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Cereal for dinner? Check!

10. You Can Hog The Bed

Perhaps the best part of being single. All those pillows…all to yourself…

11. You Can Binge Watch Reality TV

There’s no fighting over the remote, and you don’t have to record your TV series so your SO can watch the game live.

12. You Can Spend Time Doing What You Love

Maybe you love running, painting, or crafting? When you don’t have to do things your SO wants to do, you can spend more time on your passions.

13. You Can Travel At The Drop Of A Hat

Without having to take into consideration someone else’s travel, work and vacation schedule, it’s easy to grab a quick flight or take a road trip to see your college roomie.

14. You Can Spend More Time With Your Family

While I love my hubby, I do miss having the extra time to spend with my family. Now everything has to “be even” and making sure we dedicate equal time to both families can be quite a stressful conversation to have. When you’re single, there’s plenty if time to play cards with Grandma or catch up with your sister when she’s in town.

15. You Discover What You Value

Watching friends and family stumble through bad relationships can give you a fresh perspective on what you do (or don’t) want in your own relationship.

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