15 Incredible Bars That You Have To See To Believe

Nothing is quite as satisfying as having an amazing cocktail in an even more amazing location. Whether it’s a spectacular view or an ostentatious decor, there are several ways that a bar can become a location destination. Get be bitten by the travel bug. These 15 incredible bars from around the world will have you updating your passport in no time.

1. Cloud 9, Fiji

Escape to this beautiful private bar off the coast of Fiji for incredible drinks, and a spectacular view.

2. Ketel One Ice Room, British Columbia

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the dog days of summer, this bar in British Columbia, Canada is always on ice. Don’t worry about packing your own parka – the bar has you covered.


3. Lazy Lizard, Belize

Soaking up the sun has never been so much fun.


4. Sky Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

Suspended on a bridge over 820 feet in the air, Sky Bar is the world’s highest rooftop bar.



5. Rick’s Cafe, Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe, one of the Caribbean’s most famous bars, is a beautiful sea-side destination that offers fruity drinks and impeccable views.

6. OZONE, Hong Kong, China

Located at the top of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, OZONE is officially the world’s highest bar.

Ritz Carlton

7. Flask, Shanghai, China

If you’re ever in Shanghai, you have to check out this incredibly hip bar. As it’s located behind an old Coke machine, the only issue is locating it first.

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8. The Bar at Vernadsky Research Base, Antartica

You’ll have to travel to the bottom of the globe to drink at this sensational bar.


9. ION Hotel, Iceland

Take in an astonishing view of the Northern Lights as you sip on a specialty crafted cocktail at the ION Hotel’s bar.


10. Monkey Bar, Berlin

Overlook the Berlin Zoo’s primate exhibit at the Monkey Bar on the 10th floor of the Bikini Haus.


11. Attaboy, Lower East Side, New York City

Cool cocktails designed around your individual tastes in a swanky area of New York City? Sign me up!


12. Petra Guest House, Jordan

Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is home to the Petra Guest House, a spectacular hotel with even cooler bar. Set deep with a cave, this illustrious bar is perfect for travelers and locals alike.


13. Sean’s Bar, Ireland

Grab a pint at Ireland’s oldest bar for an authentic taste of the Emerald Isle.

Sean's Bar

14. Baobab Tree Bar, South Africa

Having a drink inside a tree isn’t as odd as you may think. In fact, this South African bar is made for just that!


15. Wind and Water bar, Vietnam

Immerse yourself in wonder at this Vietnamese bar, which is not only situated in the middle of a lake, but is also covered gorgeous bamboo.