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15 Mess-Free Parenting Tricks That Just Might Change Your Life

These simple tips will get you and your kids organized.

A neat, organized home that’s easy to keep that way is pretty much the holy grail for parents. If you have little ones, you probably feel like they’re always one step ahead of you—making messes as quickly as you can clean them up. Luckily, we’ve found 15 totally genius, super simple tricks that will help you maintain some semblance of order as your wrecking crew, er…children, roll through.

1. Plastic Bag Painting

For the littlest Picassos and O’Keefes, you can make finger painting an entirely mess-free affair. Put a piece of paper and drops of paint or hair gel inside a plastic bag, zip it up, and let little hands “paint” from the outside. You can even forgo the paper and just have paint/gel inside the bag.

painting with kids in ziplocks
The Hippie Housewife

2. Snack Organizer

Bypass the after-school snacktime whining by prepping each pocket of on an over-the-door shoe organizer with a set of snacks ready to go.

3. Hair Tie Carabiner

Eliminate that messy bunch of hair ties scattered in your bathroom drawers by hanging them all on a carabiner clip.

Hair ties organized on carabiner
Dreaming in DIY

4. Dye Eggs With A Whisk

Spoons and those flimsy wire dippers never seem to keep eggs from flopping into dye and making a mess. Stick an egg in the center of a wire whisk instead for a sturdy tool for dyeing eggs.

Easter egg in whisk for dyeing
Mrs. Happy Homemaker

5. Bottle And Breast Pump Organizer

Plastic stackable drawers are a great way to organize all your breast pump parts, bottle lids and nipples, pacifiers and other baby gear. That way they won’t be a big mess in a drawer or forever hanging on your drying rack.

Bottle and pump drawer organizer
One Crazy House

6. High-Chair Hook

Stick a hook on the back of a high chair to keep bibs at hand. You can also attach a small suction cup basket to hold a pack of wipes for cleanup.

Command clip on high chair
One Crazy House

7. Popsicle Drip Catcher

Popsicles are a kid favorite that leave behind sticky fingers and sugary drippage. Use a to-go coffee lid to catch melting liquid instead. We’ve also seen muffin liners (the foil kind are best) as another drip-catching option.

coffee cup lid popsicle drip catcher
Bored Panda

8. Ziplock Daily Kids Clothes

When you’re packing for your next trip, use a plastic bag for each of your children’s daily outfits. Socks, underwear, outfit and accessories will be organized and easy to grab.

Ziplock pack kids clothes
Money Saving Mom

9. Beach Fitted Sheet

Keep sand out of your stuff at the beach by taking an old fitted sheet with you and propping it up at the corners with your cooler, bags and other beach gear.

fitted sheet sand protection at beach
Team Johnson

10. Tackle Box For Small Toys

A tackle box makes a perfect storage box for action figures, little lego pieces and other mini kid items that can get lost easily. We’ve also seen a single layer tackle box used as a snack, game and craft organizer for road trips.

11. Milk Straw Trick

Stop your natural instinct to peel the foil off the top of that fast-food bottle of milk. Stick a straw through it instead. Your kids will be less likely to spill their drink all over themselves.

Two quick pokes from a knife in a cross pattern and we have a makeshift spill proof jug #parenthacks #toddlerhacks

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12. Pancake Batter Bottle

Reuse old condiment containers as a batter dispenser and you’ll make it easier for your kids to help make pancakes for breakfast.

Batter dispenser

13. Sippy Cup Tether

Attach an elastic and Velcro strap to a sippy cup and your stroller to thwart your toddler’s tossing ways. Bonus: Add a suction cup to one end and stick it to a high chair for a spill-free sippy zone.

Sippy cup leash
Make It Love It

14. Cereal Container Trash Can

Stick a plastic bag in a cereal container and put it in your car for all the wrappers, tissues, napkins and other kid-produced flotsam that gets stuck in between the car seats and on the floor.

Cereal container trash can
Madison Shafer

15. Frappuccino Paint Containers

Goodness knows your caffeinated-self consumes enough Starbucks blended drinks for every shade of the rainbow. Instead of throwing those cups and lids away, have your kids use them for no-mess painting.

Starbucks frappuccino cups for painting
Be Brave Keep Going

[h/t BuzzFeed and Bored Panda]