15 Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gifts That They’ll Actually Want

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If you’re not into some of the most common gifts of Valentine’s Day (a teddy bear, chocolates, a generic card), and you’re looking to think outside of the box when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts— you’ve come to the right place.

There are many ways to let someone know you care, and unique gifts will show that you really gave the gift some thought instead of running to the nearest store and grabbing a box of chocolates. At the very least, you can get something unique to accompany those chocolate treats, you know?

Check out 15 unconventional gifts to show your loved one just how much you care this Valentine’s Day. Because they’re worth so much more than flowers and a card.

1. Breakfast In Bed

There’s no other way to a person’s heart than through breakfast, is there?

2. Balloon Delivery

Why not have balloons delivered instead of flowers? People can’t help but smile at a big batch of balloons, making them the best way to brighten your lover’s Valentine’s Day. Find out how to make your own balloon surprise box.

Studio DIY

3. Subscription Box

A subscription box makes for a gift that keeps on giving. Whether you get them a subscription to a wine delivery service or a sock delivery service, they’ll think of you every time that package arrives.


4. Plants

Giving your loved one a plant that you can both take care of together is such a cute gift idea. You can use it as a symbol of your love— so, be sure to take good care of it!

5. Personalized Mug

If your SO loves coffee, then give them a special message on a mug.


6. Scalp Massager

Massages are a great way to get up close and personal on Valentine’s Day, so give your partner a scalp massager, and then get all relaxed together.

7. Cuff Links

Monogrammed cuff links will literally allow your man to wear his love on his sleeve.

Etsy | 2sistershandcrafted

Personalized Initial or Monogram Cuff Links, $58.00

8. Piñata

A piñata is a fun way to celebrate the day, especially if it’s filled with your love’s favorite kind of candy.

Studio DIY

18-inch Heart Pinata, $24.99

9. Coupons

A coupon book full of coupons good for romantic date nights, etc. is a great gift option. Mostly because it’s redeemable at any time, not just on V-Day, you know?

Etsy | TealOliveDesigns

Valentine Coupon Book – Printable Love Coupons, $7.00

10. Netflix Snacks

Conversation hearts in your popcorn is the perfect recipe for a night in.

Gimme Some Oven

11. Dollar Shave Club

Sign your partner up to be delivered a fresh razor each month. Because nothing says love like the gift of a clean shave.

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 11.03.07 PM
Dollar Shave Club

12. Key Ring

Give your SO the key to your heart, so to speak. It doesn’t get sweeter than that.

Etsy | AlphaVariable

Skeleton Key Ring Adjustable Antique Bronze Steampunk Boho Jewelry, $6.99

13. Wine Print

If you don’t want to go the cliché route with just a bottle of wine, give that vino you adore a wine print they can enjoy all year long.

Etsy | elemenopeedesign

Printable Art “You Had Me At Merlot,” $2.17

14. Shower Notes

Surprise the person you love by leaving them a sweet note in the shower. They won’t be expecting it, making it the best surprise.

My Aqua Notes

15. Blanket

Nothing says let’s cuddle like a super soft blanket, am I right? Get your cuddle on this Valentine’s!

Pottery Barn

Get ready for the most unconventional Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had. Your love is far from average, and your V-Day gift should be, too.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]

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