Over 150 Beagles Rescued From Animal Testing Facility – And Let Outside For The First Time

My heart doesn’t know what to do about this story. Part of me wants to weep that these adorable dogs were put through such a traumatic experience, but I am also overjoyed that they have been rescued.

I’m a beagle owner myself. No matter that type of pet you have, your heart probably melts when you hear of stories like this. Thankfully, it has a happy ending.

According to Good Housekeeping, over 150 beagles were recently rescued from an animal testing facility in India. Their saviors? A team of passionate, dedicated volunteers with the CUPA Organization (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action).

Beagles often can be chosen for testing facilities because of their gentle temperaments and disposition. My dog, Grace, is such a gentle soul – she lets you gently tug on her ears and tail and loves to be around kids.

Here is a video of 42 of the beagles being let outside for the first time.

After being rescued, volunteers generously donated their time to give the dogs their first baths.

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Compassion Unlimited Plus Action

And with a little help from social media, applications have been pouring in to adopt these dogs. Here’s to each and every one of them finding their forever home with a loving family.