16 Gift Ideas For The Cat Lover In Your Life

The best kind of people in this world are cat people. Okay, okay, dog people are awesome, too! But, cats are just so-so-so-so-so-so….sigh. You know. Just purrfect.


And cat people? Well, they tend to be pretty independent and quirky. They have a style all their own. So, what should you get for those lovable weirdos (a.k.a. cat lovers) on your gift list? Here are 16 ideas we can guarantee they will appreciate.

  1. How awesome are these cat earrings? Makes us wanna “meow”!

Mrs. Shen's/Etsy

2. For the gym rat in your life. Or, should we say, gym cat?

LittleKiwiBoutique /Etsy

3. And this is perfect for the party pooper in your life. Just kidding! Who the heck doesn’t want to veg out at home?


4. Do you know a cat lover who has long locks? You will become her favorite person with this pretty hair ornament.


5. And this would be perfect for the cat man in your life. (And, hey, if you have a cat man in your life, you are pretty dang lucky! So, spoil that guy).


6. How cute are these egg cups? Egg cups are one of those things that everyone could use, yet so few people actually bother to buy…so that makes them a perfect gift! A little luxury with an added dose of cat.

Babe Academy/Etsy

7. Girl: Yes. Yes. Yes. This Kate Spade cat beanie is proving to all those cat-lady-shamers that cat lovers can be sexy, too!


8. This cat decal is easy to apply and so pretty. Best of all, this baby comes in at under $5. Heck, yeah! Cats love a bargain.

Amazon, TOOGOO(R)

9. Cat lovers tend to love coffee. Or tea. So, you can’t go wrong these contemporary cat mugs.


10. Okay, this one made us LOL! If you are looking for a joke gift, you can’t go wrong here. And, hey these boxers actually look pretty soft and comfy. Sadly, the model is not included.

Amazon, EOZY

11. This scarf is so cute, even a confirmed ailurophobe (that’s someone who hates cats—thank us later when you’re doing a crossword!) would love it. Best of all, you can get it for less than $6.

Amazon, Modern Minute

12. Cat butt magnets? Now, that’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Amazon, Kikkerland

13. Do you know someone who loves cute kitties and hot men? Well, well. Have we got the gift for you! Send us a copy too, will ya? Hummana Hummana!

Amazon, Marie-Eva Gatuingt

14. This mod cat art proves that “cat ladies” can, indeed, be glamorous. It would also work to add some sparkle to a tween girl’s bedroom or even a dorm room.


15. This sassy smartphone cover is just hilarious! You know if cats could give a middle finger…they would.

Suddenly Cat

16. Again: This gift just sums up cat-itude to a tee! Holiday sweaters are always a must this time of year, and this one is just calling to us. Let’s face it…after a few days of family time, are going to be thinking “Nah, I’M GOOD.”


On a more serious note, if you have a serious cat-lover on your list, why not do something incredibly meaningful like donating to a cat-focused charity like Blind Cat Rescue, which saves the lives of cats that are blind, have FIV and FELV+. You could bake some cookies and give them a card that shares with them the numerous cats that they have helped to feed and house. We can’t think of anything that would mean more to a cat-lover.


Need more gift ideas for cat lovers? Check out The Huffington Post.

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