15 Kids Who Are Hilariously Bad At Playing Hide And Seek

It may be one of the first games you ever play in your lifetime. Hide and Seek is a classic—and while some kids spend years searching for the ultimate hiding spot, there are others who need a little help understanding the concept of the game.

Check out these kids who are undoubtedly adorable, but need some serious work on their Hide and Seek skills. Ready or not, here I come!

1. If you can see mom and dad through a basketball hoop, chances are they can see you too!

hide and seek bball hoop
Reddit / kr8zytiger

2. Rule number one: Hide your feet! A lot of kids love the shower curtain…

hide and seek - shower curtain
Mommy Shorts

3. Curtains also appear to be a favorite. Two of them fell for it at the same time!

hide and seek curtain

4. What can we say, he tried.

5. There are more than quarters and dimes hiding in this couch.

hide and seek 1 - cushion

6. This adorable tot had a good shot at hiding behind a tree. Until she gives herself up. She remains cute in our eyes!

7. When you forget the camouflage… Hey! Water the plants while you’re there.



8. When you’re playing Hide and Seek, but you’re also really craving a snack…

hide and seek cheerios
Life of Dad

9. Being at a coffee shop doesn’t always mean you “blend” in with your surroundings.

hide and seek coffee shop
Flickr / Dior_Man

10. Dear kids, your hands are not a hiding spot! But we appreciate the effort.

hide and seek hands
Blogging In My Undies

11. Be one with the rug.

hide and seek rug
DIY All Things

12. Who needs an actual toy? Apparently the box is this child’s favorite hiding spot yet!

13. This is so close to genius! But a solid container would definitely work out better for this kid.

hide and seek container

14. There’s always the old standby, the blanket. You know you can depend on your blankie to get you through!

hide and seek blanket

15. We’re far more impressed by this than anything else. How did she get behind the toilet?

hide and seek toilet