This 16-year-old’s reaction to getting into Harvard is priceless

Finding out you’ve been accepted to college is an unforgettable moment—especially if it’s caught on video and watched by millions of people.

Ayrton Little, a teen boy from Louisiana, was accepted to Harvard University at the age of 16 this week. Luckily for all of us, a camera was rolling at the moment Ayrton got the life-changing news.

The 53-second clip is a roller coaster of emotions. The anticipation is palpable as Ayrton clicks around on his laptop with a crowd of classmates eagerly watching over his shoulder. When he sees he’s been accepted, Ayrton jumps out of his chair and into the arms of his friends, who jump all over the room, grabbing and pulling on Ayrton’s Harvard hoodie.

It’s a moment of perfect joy and positivity captured on video for the entire world to enjoy. And it seems like the entire world has. Since Ayrton posted the video on Tuesday night, the clip has been watched more than 5.3 million times.

“All the hard work was worth it,” Ayrton wrote in the tweet that accompanied the video. “I got accepted to Harvard at 16!!” His post was retweeted about 150,000 times in less than 48 hours.

Ayrton and his older brother Alex attend T.M. Landry College Preparatory school in Louisiana. Ayrton’s graduating class only has 16 people in it, according to WBUR. Alex also got exciting news recently, as he was accepted to Stanford. That moment was also caught on video.

“Most of my classmates are getting their decisions this week,” Ayrton told A Plus.”I’m sure I’m going to (celebrate) with them.”

Since his moment went viral, Ayrton has gotten shout-outs on social media from Harvard’s only current NBA basketball star Jeremy Lin, actor Tichina Arnold and Google executive Ryan Wyatt, who told the teen to let him know when he’s ready for a job.