17 Brilliant Uses For Pool Noodles, Because They’re Also Handy Out Of The Water


We’re probably all familiar with pool noodles, those long and squishy Styrofoam-y “noodles” we use to help us float in the pool.

But did you know they have many uses outside the water, too? Below are 10 ways to use them for more than just keeping your head above water. And the best news? Not only are they super easy to craft into other useful objects, but they’re cheap, too (i.e., many dollar stores sell them).

1. Gigantic Flowers


All you need for these gigantic flowers are pool noodles and tissue paper… and some creativity, of course. But kids love making these, too, especially when they have friends over, so keep that in mind.

2. Bike Car Wash

Celebrate Always/Babble

If you have kids, the Bike Car Wash is a MUST. It’s not only easy to make, but fun for everyone.

3. An Ice Chest

ice chest

Yep, now you don’t even have to get out of the pool to get a drink. Just configure your pool noodle into a floating ice chest and you can stay in the water all day long.

4. Napkin Rings

napkin rings

Just cut across a pool noodle horizontally to create cute (and affordable) napkin rings… and child-friendly ones, too. And since pool noodles don’t just come in ordinary tube shapes, your future napkin rings can be flower-shaped, among other things.

5. Bodyboard


All you need to make this bodyboard is a pool noodle and some duct tape. (A permanent marker to make a creative design is optional.)

6. Baby Activity Gym


I love love LOVE this DIY baby activity gym… made from pool noodles! You can then decorate them however you’d like. Soon, you may even become the baby activity gym connoisseur in your neighborhood!

7. Ring Toss


This makes for a really fun party game, when you create a ring toss out of pool noodles.

8. Tic Tac Toe


Who doesn’t love a game of Tic Tac Toe? Bet you’ve never played an oversized version like this before! It’ll keep the kids entertained for hours! (And perhaps the adults, too!)

9. Obstacle Course

Martha Stewart/Babble

This is fun for all ages, though you can pretend it’s just for the kids to play in!

10. As A Funnel


Tired of holding (and trying to balance) your mop bucket under the sink while it fills up? Well, grab your pool noodle instead and use it as a funnel. Easy, right?

11. Soccer Croquet

Down Home Inspiration/Babble

Croquet is a family-friendly game and now you can make your own wickets, AKA hoops. Creating them is a fun DIY project for parents and kids alike!

12. Garage Bumper

garage bumper

At some point, who among us hasn’t scraped the side of our car or mirror against something in the garage (if not the garage itself)? Once you install these garage bumpers—made from pool noodles, of course—say goodbye to garage-created nicks and scratches.

13. Door Bumper


Isn’t it the worst when you’ve finally fallen asleep, but then someone in your house gets up to use the bathroom and slams the door? Well, not anymore. When you make these door bumpers from pool noodles, you’ll sleep right through the late-night door slammers in your house.

14. Quilt Storage


Yep, when you cut up a pool noodle, you can use pieces of it to store your quilts. Genius.

15. To Get Rid Of Creases In Your Pants

no creases

You know how you hang a pair of pants on a hanger, only to see a big crease when you take them off and hurriedly put them on for work? And who has time to iron?! When you use a pool noodle, though, your pants will be wear-ready immediately.

16. Child-Proofing


Looking for an affordable, colorful way to child-proof your home? Then look no further than pool noodles. A friend of mine recently tried this, and it not only worked, but her kids started suggesting different colored pool noodles for different rooms of the house.

17. DIY Lightsabers

Lifehacker/Fussy Ninja

With Star Wars fever never-ending, every kid I know loves a good lightsaber and these pool noodle-inspired ones are perfect.

The only other ingredient you’ll need is duct tape to make the stems. Since these lightsabers are softer than plastic, store-bought ones, they’re safer, too. A win-win for all, in a galaxy far, far away… or in your very own backyard.


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