18 Reasons You Need To Thank Your Older Sibling Right Now

Being the older sister, I believe (actually, I know) I paved a path for my younger counterpart. From harsher punishments, to ridiculous chores, to terrifying driving lessons, I definitely got the shorter end of the stick.

If you’re a younger child, here’s the 18 reasons your need to call, text, or snapchat your older sibling and thank them today:

1. They Had Harsher Punishments

Parents feel the urge to “set an example” for younger siblings. Their theory: strike the fear of God in them, and maybe they won’t have repeat offenders in the family.

2. For The Hand-Me-Downs

Their clothes were pretty sweet, and worn just enough that you got new clothes anyway. And when your sibling got that fancy new job and bought all new furniture, you got all that stuff too. Woo!

3. They Guided You Through Puberty

Older siblings had to discover which acne medicine worked best, and which make-up actually covered the ones you couldn’t resist popping.

4. For Teaching You How To Sneak Out

And not get caught….because they always did.

5. For Giving You Driving Tips

Mom and dad practically punched a hole through the passenger side floorboards when your sibling was learning to drive. Their simple yet glorious tricks to keep them calm spared you lots of frustration and tears.

6. They Helped You Be Cool(er)

Older siblings know what’s hot, trending, and what will get you banished to the nerd table. Even if they don’t directly tell you what’s cool, just follow their lead for instant stardom.

7. They’re Only A Phone Call Away

We’ve all had those “oh sh*t” moments. Thankfully, your older sibling answers on the first ring and doesn’t say “I don’t you so.”

8. They Gave You Advice To Fight Off Enemies

Older siblings have mastered the art of fending off taunting, teasing, and bullies. Even though we may not act like it, we do care about you getting taunted and tortured, and will share every way to stand tall, or get revenge.

9. They Helped You Get A Job

Whether directly introducing you to a recruiter, or coaching you through interview questions, older siblings know what to say and not to say, to land the job you deserve.

10. They Gave You Rides

To and from practice as a kid, or playing DD when you were home from college, you can always count an on older sibling to give you a lift when needed.

11. They Listen To You Vent

Whether mom has “officially gone off the deep end” to your boss or SO is “being a tool,” older siblings love to listen to your problems, because our wisdom and solutions can help make it right.

12. They Keep You Grounded

Sure, you just got a big promotion or made a huge play. Count on your sibling to pull you back to earth and tell it to you straight – they’re proud of you, but there’s more work to do.

13. For Teaching You To Get Out Of Chores You Hate

Hate mowing the grass or scrubbing bathrooms? You learned through your older sibling that if you do a sub-par job at your chores, you may get to choose one that you’d prefer. Like folding laundry in front of the TV.

14. You Got Better Gifts

Older siblings pushed for the latest and greatest toys, gadgets, and things. But mom and dad always said no. By the time your birthday rolled around, they had been worn down enough and bought it for you. Bingo.

15. You’re Always The Favorite

The oldest always got into trouble first, giving you the opportunity to slide into your parents’ soft spot.

16. You Get Treated Like An Only Child When They Move Out

Now that your parents don’t have to spend hours worrying what kind of trouble your older sibling(s) are getting into, they can spend more time doing what they love – spoiling you.

17. Everyone Sides With You

Because you’re the “baby” and the older sibling “should know better”

18. They Always Have Your Back

Remember that one time you did get caught? Your older sibling covered for you and helped diffuse the situation by comparing their childhood antics to yours. See, it wasn’t that bad, right?

Photo by Josef Seibel