17 Unique Engagement Rings For The Unconventional Bride

When it comes to getting engaged, not every couple is the same. Show your loved one just how special they are by choosing an engagement ring that stands out from the rest.

Whether it’s an intricate band or a colorful gemstone, reach for a ring that expresses everything you love about your partner.

It’s a beautiful, simple way to start the rest of your lives together. Wondering where to start? Here are 17 unique engagement rings that any bride will love.

1. Rope Ring

Nothing shows off a diamond more than an intricate band.


Rope Ring, $23,900

2. Bubbly Baubles

Show off your more delicate side with this unique golden ring.


River Rock Ring, $2,200

3. Edgy Points

This crown-shaped ring is perfect for any modern day princess.


Leighton Ring, $2,164

4. Vintage Frames

Vintage has never looked so good!


Picture Frame Ring, $1,540

5. Copper & Champagne

Let your engagement ring show off your artistic side by choosing a ring with gorgeous mixed media elements.


Bea Arrow Ring, $1,350

6. Shimmering Flowers

Floral meets golden filigree with this elegant engagement ring.


Atreyu Ring, $1,200

7. Victorian Specialty

Let your engagement ring be the epitome of high fashion with this elongated golden ring.

1 copy

The Arrow Ring, $1,475

8. Circular Latticework

Now, here is an engagement ring that will stop anyone in their tracks.

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Derrylin Diamond Ring, $2,450

9. Retro Rubies

Turn traditional engagement rings on their heads with this heavenly starburst-style ring.

2 copy

Ruby Ring, $3,275

10. Turquoise Treats

Who said engagement rings only could be made of diamonds?


Square Turquoise Band, $2,277

11. Stone Etched Band

Harness the power of the elements with a deconstructed engagement ring.


Caillou Diamond Ring, $2,750

12. Cross My Heart

Simplicity meets grandeur with this stylish ring.

3 copy 8.35.20 PM

Citadel Ring, $2,710

13. Magic Circles

Bring about a sense of eternal commitment with a ring that is equally as memorable.


Ritual Solitaire Ring, $7,198

14. Silver Sensations

Black and silver pair well for a reason.


Diamond Wings Ring, $12,980

15. Rose Gold Cluster

White diamonds surrounded by rose gold filigree is never a poor choice.


Marie Diamond Ring, $2,350

16. Pear Spirals

Here is an adventurous ring that is sure to catch the eye of almost any bride.


Bliss Diamond Ring, $3,200

17. Clear Cut Clusters

Simplicity isn’t for everyone. Turn heads with this fabulous mixed media ring.


Mine Cut Nico, $3,250

Photo by dandelionkisses