17 videos that prove parent reflexes are real

Obviously, a wide range of superpowers comes along with having your first child. You become able to function on three hours of sleep. You gain supersonic hearing, as well as the ability to know when things are just too quiet. You can even see into the future—such as when you catch your toddler scaling the kitchen counter trying to reach the cookie jar.

When you become a parent, you will also go to any length to prevent and rescue your child from harm. You’ll gain reflexes that would make any cat envious. Parents have even been known to walk into burning buildings, lift vehicles with two hands and swoop in at a critical moment, keeping their precious offspring from injury.

Need proof? Check out this collection of videos showing moms and dads showing off their amazing reflexes like the superheroes that they are.

1. This dad who slides without letting the baby slip


2. This mom who makes her baby angry by not letting her fall out of her crib


3. This dad who saves his daughter from a nasty collision

4. This mom who rescues her baby’s college fund

5. This dad who grabbed the baby in a single bound

6. This mom who performed an acrobatic stunt to prevent a head injury

7. This dad who woke up in the nick of time


8. This mom who has mad stroller skills


9. This dad who saves the day at Yosemite National Park


10. This mom who uses her super reflexes to save somebody else’s kid


11. This dad whose swift response keeps his sleepy kindergartner from falling off the couch


12. This mom whose smooth moves keep her baby happy in the hospital


13. This dad who prevents a truck accident with his bare hands (and bare feet)

14. This mom who thwarted the candles on her daughter’s birthday cake


15. This dad who caught one falling baby while holding the other twin and doing the Hokey Pokey



16. This mom who momentarily becomes mall security

17. This dad who doesn’t spill a drop

Obviously, you cannot protect your child from every accident, injury or circumstance. However, chances are good that if you’re a parent, you have even surprised yourself a time or two with your unexplainable intuition and uncanny reflexes.

When your skills seem to fall short, don’t worry. Your child knows that you are there with a kiss, a band-aid and words of comfort. That just might be the best superpower of them all.

[h/t: Fatherly]