18 Really Smart Ideas That Should Be In More Places


There are thousands of great ideas in the world.  Unfortunately, a lot of them go unnoticed and never gain traction or take off. Here are a few of the great ideas we’ve found and hopefully will become more popular.

1. A Store That Has A Special Cold Room To Test Winter Coats

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2. An ATM That Lets You Actually Choose The Bills You Want

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3.  A Hotel Public’s Restroom Has A Smaller Seat For Children

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4. A Tab On Potato Chip Can So You Don’t Have To Stick Your Hand Inside

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5. A City That Has Free Bookcases For People To Lend And Borrow Books


6. A Bar That Rewards Their Customers For Leaving Their Car Overnight

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7. Cups That Are Created Specifically For Beer Pong


8. A Spoon That Balances On A Pot (No More Messy Countertops)

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9. A Grocery That Gives Free Fruit To Kids

Free fruit for kids

10. A Hot Iron Holster



11. A Table That Fits Over Your Couch Arm


12. A Restaurant That Eliminated Tipping To Pay All Its Employees More


13. A Sticker That Lets You Know When Your Fruit Is Ripe

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14. A Menu Option To Buy The Kitchen Staff Some Buy

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15. Instead Of Writing Your Name On The Cup, A Cafe Prints Your Picture On The Foam

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16. A Car That Forces You To Buckle Your Seatbelt Before You Can Listen To Music

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17. A Parking Garage That Provides Notes So You Remember Where You Parked


18. A Phone In A Hotel That Has A Pre-Programmed Pizza Button

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About the Author
Will Schuerman
Will loves discovering and sharing tips to help make life easier. In addition to his passion for hacks and tips, Will is a former granola business proprietor and a life long techie.

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