18 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Lemon Water Every Day

Looking for a beverage that is healthy, good for your skin and virtually free? Or one that has lots of nutrients and is an all-natural energy booster? Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite drink: lemon water.

Experts recommend drinking a glass of lemon water right when you wake up, preferably at least an hour before eating anything. The more lemony it is, the better — you’ll want to aim for one lemon for every one cup of water, or if it’s really too tart for you, just do half a lemon in one cup of water. And remember — don’t add sugar! (I swear you will get used to this!)

Not sold? Here are the 18 reasons you should drink a glass of lemon water every day.

1. It works like a natural Gatorade, providing your body with vitamin C and potassium that replenish electrolytes.

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2. In fact, one lemon will provide 139% of your daily value of vitamin C.

3. Lemon water helps your liver to release toxins.

4. Although acidic-tasting, when digested lemon water becomes alkaline in the body and can be good for those seeking an alkaline diet.


5. Lemon water could assist in dissolving kidney stones (although the jury is out regarding gallstones).

6. It can help you lose weight, as its pectin fiber can help reduce hunger by creating a feeling of fullness.

7. It helps prevent iron deficiency (anemia), as the high amount of vitamin C helps to increase the amount of iron that your body can absorb.

8. Citrus helps fight inflammation, which is ideal for anyone suffering from arthritis.

9. A lemon a day may help keep high blood pressure away. Daily consumption of lemon, as well as increased walking, are thought to improve blood pressure.

10. The potassium from the lemons helps alleviate anxiety and depression.

11. It can help pregnant women and their soon-to-be-born babies. Vitamin C is hugely important for developing the baby’s brain.

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12. It helps alleviate tooth pain (and we’d all like to go to the dentist less often, right?). However, be sure your lemon juice is diluted, so the acid does not destroy the enamel on your teeth. Rinsing your mouth out with plain water afterwards will also help.

13. The pectin fiber in lemons could help improve digestion.

14. We all need our eight glasses of water per day, but it can be so hard to drink that much. Adding lemon to our water gives it a flavor that could encourage us to drink — and be more hydrated!

15. A higher vitamin C intake has been linked to fewer wrinkles.

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16. Drinking lemon water regularly will make your skin glow — try it and see for yourself!

17. Struggling to drink fewer beverages with added sugar, like sodas and coffee chain drinks? Lemon water can help!

18. It may make you stop drinking coffee entirely. (Gasp!) Yes, some people have replaced their morning hot cup of coffee with a warm mug of lemon water. Once their caffeine withdrawal goes away, they’re hooked to the lemon water.

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