The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This 18-Year-Old Who Wore A Suit To Meet His New Niece

When you see a man dressed up in a suit these days, you tend to assume he’s either headed to the office or to one of the few other events that still have a dress code (wedding, funeral, church, etc.). Gone are the days when people dressed up any time they felt the occasion was the least bit important!

So, as Scary Mommy points out, it’s no wonder the internet freaked out a bit when they saw this 18-year-old dress up to meet his niece for the first time. Now, this is a big deal and a very special occasion, but it didn’t necessarily require getting all dressed up. But, maybe it should.

According to one of his sisters, Iris Kessler, Grant dressed up because “first impressions matter,” and indeed they do.

It’s no small feat to sit in the waiting room of a hospital looking all dapper in a suit and tie, but Grant did just that. And when folks on Twitter saw him wearing his gray blazer, black pants and sleek black tie and pocket square, they lost their minds.

At the time of publication, the tweet had received over 135,000 retweets and over 444,000 likes. Not bad! I wish people reacted that way when I wore my very best!

According to an interview with BuzzFeed, Iris said Grant has been trying to stay cool and collected about all of the attention, “but I can tell he’s kind of freaking out inside,” she said. “It’s pretty adorable.”

No one could blame him for reacting this way. Internet fame is a big deal, after all.

But, nevermind what the people online thought of him. What did his new niece Carter think of Uncle Grant? Well, she basically greeted him with an “up high” signal for a high five. I don’t know about you, but I’d count that as a win!

Job well done, Grant. Job well done.

[h/t: Scary Mommy]