19 Hilarious Tweets About Coffee And Parenting

If you rely on your morning cup of joe (or two) to get up and get going in the morning, you’re not alone. While people from all walks of life can be crazy for caffeine, there seems to be something about raising kids that makes a penchant for a good cup of coffee (or latte, or espresso or iced macchiato—you get the picture) an inevitability.

And who can blame moms and dads for needing a boost throughout the day? Sometimes kids are just plain exhausting. If you have kids and can’t imagine facing the day without your java fix, these tweets about parenting and the need for coffee are sure to make you LOL.

Like this mom knows that coffee is essential for proper morning functioning:

Or this mom knows that having kids certainly changes you:

The ability to down your cup before it goes cold seems to be a recurring problem:

Or this mom that knows that snagging the last cup of coffee can be a religious experience:

When even your kids pick up on your undying love for caffeine:

When babies seem to have a sixth sense about when you’re about to relax:

This dad who realizes that sugar may have caffeine beat:

Parents know that coffee is sometimes is just plain necessary for survival:


You’re gonna need a bigger mug:

Even fur moms need a coffee break:


The Force Is Strong With This Coffee

Your cup of joe will always be there for you no matter what:

When you pass on your passion for caffeine to the next generation:

This parenting hack that turns your mug into a decoy:

No matter what, the answer is always coffee:

This mom who knows that a deep affinity for her favorite drink is hereditary:


Once you have kids, your morning cup (and everything else) will never be the same:

In parenting, you often have to make tough decisions: