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If you’re looking for a comforting — yet easy — dish that pleases the tastebuds and can serve as an impressive make-ahead appetizer or side dish, you’re going to want to try a baby potato recipe we just found. These crispy yet fluffy oven-cooked potatoes sound delicious any time of year, but with potato-growing season here now, it’s an especially great way to use homegrown root vegetables from your garden.

The recipe for Roasted Two-Bite Garlic & Herb Smashed Potatoes comes from blogger Deanna of Homestead and Chill. It requires prep and cooking time of a little over an hour, which includes two roasting sessions and plenty of time to smash your potatoes once they get a bit soft (this is also a good opportunity to let out some tension, we’re thinking). Don’t worry about making them look uniform — the uneven bits get crispier and allow the potato to hold more flavor.


You’ll need about a pound and a half of small potatoes — red or fingerling, for example. You can make this dish vegan or alter it to suit your tastes, but the blog’s herby garlic butter mixture (with herbs of your choice) makes these potatoes stand out. It’s optional to add a soft cheese at the end, though a little Parmesan or shredded cheddar also sounds divine here!

The blogger notes that this dish gets even better as it cools down, and also works well served with a dipping sauce. As she likes to serve this dish around the holidays, she paired it with a lovely-looking cranberry sauce, but something featuring sour cream and onion or plenty of gooey cheese would be just as yummy.

Click here for Homestead and Chill’s full recipe.

Homestead and Chill isn’t the only one with a delicious-sounding smashed potatoes recipe. The one for Ultra Crispy Smashed Potatoes from RecipeTinEats is a bit more basic — in order to remove the possibility of having black crusty crumbs on your potatoes — and uses a mix of butter and oil for flavor and the perfect crunch. Ali of Gimme Some Oven uses a smoked paprika and garlic blend for extra spice on her version of Smashed Potatoes. In these versions, you’ll boil potatoes instead of baking them before you get to the smashing part.

Of course, potatoes can be made with so many delicious methods. If you’re growing them and get a bumper crop, you’re going to want to eat them all the time. You can naturally use a tried-and-true recipe and create the best mashed potatoes, or you can try something a little more off the beaten path, like “melting” or fondant potatoes or Mississippi Mud potatoes.

Any way you cook ’em, potatoes of any kind are a crowd-pleaser all year long, so you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!


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