20 Cute Kitchen Accessories That Are Under $20

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Sprucing up your kitchen shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are several cute kitchen accessories that cost less than $20.

These handy gadgets and tools are great for keeping your kitchen clean, organized and in style. Here are 20 useful kitchen accessories that won’t break your bank.

1. Strawberry Huller

Removing strawberry caps has never been so cute.


Strawberry Huller, $5.89

2. Star Wars Cookie Cutter Set

May the force be with your cookies.


Cookie Cutters, $3.49

3. Microwave Egg Poacher

Forget using pots and pans to create the perfect poached eggs. Just use this microwave-friendly gadget instead!


Egg Poacher, $9.97

4. T-Rex Oven Mitt

Typical oven mitts can be so boring. Spice up your collection with this fun T-Rex mitt.


Oven Mitt, $14.99

5. Mini Grill

Anything that’s miniature is just plain adorable.


Grill, $18

6. Flower Pot Measuring Set

Add some color to your kitchen with this cute measuring set.


Measuring Set, $18.43

7. Self Mixing Mug

Who needs spoons when the mug can mix itself?

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Mixing Mug, $14.95

8. Dip Clips

Perfect for those who love dips and condiments.


Dip Clips, $6.08

9. Whale Tail Salt & Pepper Shakers

More than just your average salt and pepper shaker.

wall tail copy

Salt & Pepper Shaker, $4.99

10. Butter Saving Caps

How handy is this little butter cap? Just pop one on the end of a used stick of butter, and pop in the fridge for later.


Butter Caps, $6.99

11. Bin 8 Stack – It’s 8 Kitchen Tools In One!

From a lemon squeezer to a spice grater, this kitchen tool has everything you need in one handy bottle.


Bin 8, $24.90

12. Egg Separator

Let this handy egg separator lend you a hand (or a tail) when it comes to separating egg yolks.


Yolkfish, $16.99

13. Boiled Egg Holder

Talk about a knight in shining armor.


Knight Hard Boiled Egg Holder, $10.29

14. Mermaid Bottle Opener

Let these legendary ladies help you pop your bottles open.


Bottle Opener, $8.95

15. Tea Infuser

Say goodbye to pesky tea bags! Let this helpful manatee do the work for you.


Manatee Tea Infuser, $14

16. To-Go Plate Set

The plate set is the easiest way to carry around your food and drinks.


Plate Set, $16

17. Taco Holder Set

Make spilled tacos a thing of the past with these tiny taco holders.


Taco Holder Set, $6

18. Fisherman Tea Infuser

Now, this is just precious.


Tea Infuser, $15

19. Color Changing Mug

Here’s a mug you have to see to believe. It actually changes colors as your drink changes temperature.


Color Changing Panda Mug, $20

20. Loch Ness Monster Ladle

Let Nessie give you a hand when you’re looking to ladle out your favorite soups and stews.


Ladle, $3.15