20 Gifts Breastfeeding Moms Will Love

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Breastfeeding is becoming more popular across America, with more women breastfeeding and for longer periods of time. Breastfeeding can be very rewarding for both mom and babe, but that doesn’t mean that it is always easy. Thankfully, there are many tools for breastfeeding moms that can make nursing easier and more enjoyable.

If you have a breastfeeding mom on your holiday gift list, check out some of these awesome gifts that will help support her commitment to nursing:

1. Breast Milk Jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Yes, by breast milk jewelry, I mean jewelry that encapsulates real drops of your breast milk into a piece of jewelry! These beautiful accessories help to celebrate your hard work as a nursing mom and the precious hours you spent with your nursling. Check out the options at Beyond the Willow Tree (from rings to earrings to necklaces). Or, you can do it yourself at home and make your own breast milk locket.

Etsy, NestledwithLove

2. Nursing Cover

Not every mama likes to cover up when they nurse (and some babies simply won’t eat while covered), but for those moms that do use a cover, this scarf is a chic option.

Nursing Time

3. Nursing Cowl

Breastfeeding in cold weather isn’t easy! No one wants to have to lift up their sweater and catch a chill, yet low-cut nursing tops don’t offer enough warmth either. What’s the solution? A nursing cowl, of course!

Etsy, replicca

4. Lactation Cookies

Making milk doesn’t always come easy! It’s important to eat a healthy diet with plenty of galactagogues (foods/herbs/drugs that promote milk production). Oatmeal is one galactagogue, so oatmeal cookies, such as these lactation cookies, are a thoughtful gift for a busy mom with a sweet tooth.

Etsy, Sweets by Mikayla

5. Nursing Pajamas

Nursing pjs don’t have to be ugly! These pretty pajamas will make nighttime feeding sessions more glamorous.

Hot Milk

6. Nursing Pride Decal

Nursing isn’t always easy, and many moms go to hell and back in order to establish a strong breastfeeding relationship. Celebrate her hard work and encourage her to show some nursing pride.

Etsy, RanisCustomCreations

7. Nursing Hoodie

Nursing moms often have to forgo clothing like tees and hoodies because they don’t make for easy access to the goods. But with this nursing hoodie, even a nursing mama can be cozy and chic.


8. The Perfect Dress

It can be hard to find clothes for work that are professional, pretty and allow mom to nurse on her way out the door. This fashionable dress would be perfect for work or even a night out on the town… let the pumping begin!


9. Breastfeeding Pillow Slipcover

Nearly every nursing mama has a Boppy. But the slipcovers tend to be coarse, and most of the colors and designs are unimaginative. Enter the personalized slipcover! You can add a name, and, best of all, it comes in soft chamois fabric.

Pottery Barn

10. Water Bottle

Nursing moms have to drink plenty of water, so make it easy with this adorable and funny water bottle. 


11. Reminder Bracelet

Help a nursing mama remember what side she’s on! Some women use a hair tie to help remind them, but this is more fun.

Etsy, iCraftCafe

12. And Another Water Bottle

Did I mention water is important? No, really, mom needs to drink a ton of water. Here is another great option.

Etsy, ChasingGlitterxo

13. Funny Apparel

Working out when you have a young one isn’t easy. But hey, good thing breastfeeding burns a ton of calories… it can be a good stand-in for cardio!

Etsy, FazioDesigns

14. Mom-And-Baby Necklace

Celebrate her commitment to nursing with this beautiful necklace.

Etsy, meytalbarnoy

15. All-Purpose Balm

This lip balm originally started as a nipple cream product. Now it is used as everything from a lip balm to a primer to an eyebrow tamer. Multi-purpose uses for the nursing mom!


16. Multifunctional Cover

Not only does this nursing cover have an ingenious design (no more struggling with a ill-fitting scarf), but it also works as a carseat and stroller cover.


17. Nursing Necklace

How sweet is this necklace? It will keep baby happy while mama still gets to wear cute jewelry.


18. Multi-Purpose Breastfeeding Pillow

This nursing pillow is beloved among new moms for a reason. It has handy pockets for everything from lip gloss to water bottles to the TV remote!


19. Earrings

If you know a mom who is passionate about nursing, these earrings will speak to her commitment to nursing rights.

Etsy, myBeltBuckle

20. Artwork

If you have a friend who is into art, consider artwork that features a nursing mom and babe, such as this painting. It would be beautiful in a nursery!

Etsy, StudioSpiritYSol