20 Hilarious Tweets That Are So True If You Use A Fitbit

If you wear a Fitbit, you know how important those 10,000 steps a day are. You can’t make a move, eat a morsel or take a nap without that thing tracking it. Fitbits may have made us more accountable, but have they actually made us fitter? If you use a Fitbit or ever just feel guilty when you skip the gym, this collection of tweets will make you LOL (and hence maybe burn a few extra calories).

1. Hey, steps are steps, right?

2. It’s the effort that counts.


3. Fitbit or it didn’t happen.

4. Good thing it doesn’t count beers drunk.


5. Achieving your Fibit goals is of the utmost importance.


6. Treat yo-self.


7. Wearing a Fitbit can feel like a prison sentence.

8. Sometimes you just need a break.

9. If you insist. Sigh.

10. Fitbit as a fashion statement.



11. When you have nothing to wear.


12. When the darned thing doesn’t seem to work.



13. I’m too sexy for my Fitbit.


14. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


15. Pet needs their steps too.


16. When you’ve had a long day.


17. Must. Reach. 10,000. Steps.


18. Well, at least there’s one upside to a stressful day.

19. Even in your sleep, steps count.


20. When your phone sabotages your fitness goals.