20 photos that show how magical Disney World gets at Halloween

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Disney World is a magical place at any time of the year, but it’s extra special around Halloween! The Central Florida amusement park goes all out to entertain guests during the Halloween season, which runs at Disney World from mid-August until Nov. 1.

Of course, because the “Happiest Place on Earth” caters to the littlest ghouls among us, the Halloween extravaganza is more cute than creepy. If you are eyeing a fall getaway to Florida, you’ll find the magic of Halloween around every corner throughout the Disney World parks and resorts. Take a look at what awaits you down in Disney World this time of year.

Halloween Magic At Disney World

Instagram user @aly_sf shows us that the magic starts before you even walk through the gates of the Magic Kingdom!


Halloween On Main Street

Over on Twitter, @JackJohnCard captured Disney World’s Main Street — all decked out for Halloween. Boo-tiful!

Perfect Fall Foliage

Instagram user @moonsodaco shared this picture-perfect fall photo of a Mickey pumpkin surrounded by fall foliage.


Dressed Up For Halloween

Instagram user @charli_disney shows us that even the Disney characters go all out with their Halloween garb.


Souvenirs With Halloween Flair

No trip to Disney World is complete without souvenirs, as Instagram user @coleccion_disney reminds us. Like the life-size versions, these Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls have Halloween style!


No Detail Is Too Small

No detail is overlooked when Disney World prepares for Halloween! According to Facebook user L&R Dreaming’s photo, even the cups look festive.

Pumpkins Point The Way

As Twitter user @Mousesteps’s photo captures, this pumpkin does double duty as a decoration and a helpful sign.

Fall Is Everywhere

Twitter user @mw_carlton reminds us to look up — way up — to get the full fall effect when we visit the Magic Kingdom.

Creepy Balloons

We didn’t even know we needed a Jack Skellington balloon until Twitter user @DLifestylers showed us what we were missing!

Seasonal Surprises

Pumpkins and autumn leaves are literally everywhere in Disney World, as Twitter user @thechad9 discovered on the first day of fall.

Donald Plays Dress-Up

Even Donald Duck looks excited about Halloween in this photo from Twitter user @wdwmickeyhunter.

Creepy Treats

Disney World knows how to do delicious one-of-a-kind treats all year long. But as Twitter user @wanderlust_tips proves with this Maleficent ice cream cone, even the scariest villain can be turned into a sweet treat at Halloween.

A Yummy Mummy Mickey

Instagram user @deepfriendgeeks shows us the sweeter side of Halloween at Disney World — the Mickey Mummy Rice Krispies Treat!


Haunted Sweets

Facebook user John Dean shares some of the spooky Haunted Mansion-themed treats we can get at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Singing And Dancing For Halloween

Facebook user Tina Wright’s festive photo shows us why Disney World’s Halloween-themed shows are not to be missed!

Spooky Nights And Festive Lights

Halloween at Disney World is truly special after dark, as Twitter user @MoniCedeno shows us in this photo of Main Street all lit up in fall colors with Cinderella’s castle in the background.

Halloween On Parade

Twitter user @jewelslagasi shares one of our favorite things about Halloween at Disney World — the Boo to You Halloween Parade!

Halloween Spooktacular

You don’t want to miss the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle! Twitter user @AshleyDBush captures just how special it is to spend Halloween in the Magic Kingdom.

All Lit Up For Halloween

Twitter user @epcotdanielle displays the glowing beauty of Disney World’s Halloween color scheme.

Pumpkin Surprise

Instagram user @hairbre shows us that there’s really nothing more magical than Halloween at Disney World!


We’re ready to pack our bags and head to Disney World for this sweet and spooky autumnal experience. But if you can’t make it to the Magic Kingdom in time for Halloween, there’s always Christmas!

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