20 pictures that prove ‘mom brain’ is real—and really funny


Spill it, moms. Do you ever feel as if you’re losing your mind? Have you ever walked into a room to get or do something only to find yourself standing there, wondering what you’re doing? It’s a symptom of something popularly known as “mom brain.” Your head is filled with so many things that the brain just seems to slam on the brakes. Talk about feeling as if you’re going crazy.

Well, relax. You’re not going crazy. You’re just insanely busy. And hormones may actually play a role, too, according to scientists. “Our most recent research shows that previous motherhood alters cognition and neuroplasticity in response to hormone therapy, demonstrating that motherhood permanently alters the brain,” wrote Dr. Liisa Galea of the University of British Columbia in a press statement.

The important thing to know is that you’re not alone. Social media is filled with women sharing their mom-brain experiences. Here’s a collection that will have you nodding your head in sympathetic agreement and/or get you laughing.

1. Cherished Holiday Moments Captured—Almost

This mom forgot something important on Halloween. But, she rushed in for the save. Sort of…

2. Mom Brain As Artwork

3. Honey, Where’s The Butter?

4. Proof That Mom Brain Starts Early

This mom-to-be is already experiencing early signs of mom brain. At least she’s aware, right? Honey, we feel you!


5. Lost Keys Are A Common Symptom


6. Not So Smart Place For Your Smartphone


7. Check The Coffee Maker Before Turning It On

We may not cry over spilled milk—but wasted coffee? Cue the tears!


8. Misplaced Chicken?

Now where did I put that chicken I pulled out of the freezer for dinner?


9. Moms, Plug In Those Appliances

After getting all the prep work done, this mom had a disappointment waiting for her in the kitchen.


10. No Really. We Mean It. Check The Plug.

And this mom went into a panic after her trusty stand mixer wouldn’t work. Fortunately, the fiasco was a false alarm.


11. Accidental Frozen Snacks

Many times, freezing snacks can be a good idea. This one, though, we’re not so sure about.


12. Confusing The Pantry For The Fridge

The kitchen seems to be the most common place for mom brain to rear its funny head.


13. No More Empty Tank

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do to keep the gas tank full!


14. The Cereal Goes With The Milk

I actually think this mom may have stumbled onto a great idea! Keep the cereal and milk together!!


15. When Mom Brain Plays Tricks On Your Eyes

16. Can’t Find Something? Look In The Mirror!

Is it your glasses? A pen? In this case, it’s a highlighter and it’s closer than she thought.

17. Return To Sender

Apparently, the U.S. Postal Service gets to witness mom brain from time to time.

18. Got Milk?

Now THIS is a bottle a kid will never forget. Hope he or she is hungry!


19. Where’s My Nipple?

And another baby surprise for a tired, confused mom:


20. You’ve Heard Of Mismatched Socks…

How about mismatched shoes? What? It could become the newest fashion trend!


Please tell us you’ve experienced mom brain, too.


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