20 Awesome No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Autumn is upon us, which means you can count on pumpkins everywhere and in everything. Whether or not you’re a fan of all things pumpkin spice, most people can agree that decorated pumpkins on stoops, porches and windowsills can bring an element of fun or spookiness to the season.

For some, a sliced up jack-o’-lantern is the only way to go, and many people pride themselves on their skill at carving pumpkins. However, if you would rather avoid slimy pumpkin guts and the malodorous fragrance of a rotting, weeks-old squash on your steps, you have plenty of other options. This collection of gorgeous, funny and unique no-carve pumpkin ideas might provide just the inspiration you need.

1. Unicorns

How about a set of adorable, magical unicorn pumpkins on your porch? Some spray paint, clay and fabric pieces are all you need to make these.


2. Glow In The Dark

You can easily up the spoookiness factor by painting pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. Shine a black light on them for an especially eye-catching effect.

I Love to Create

3. Decals

Even the littlest family members can partake of the pumpkin festivities when you use easy-to-apply stickers instead of carving. Amazon has several mix-and-match decal varieties to choose from.


4. Dripped Crayons

If you have young children, you probably have a substantial collection of old, broken crayons. Put them to good use by melting them onto a pumpkin.

The Swell Designer


5. Emojis

Express yourself by turning your pumpkins into your favorite emojis. This idea is super kid friendly, since you can cut the pieces out of paper and tape or tack them on.

Brit + Co

6. String Art

A hammer and nails, some thread and a bit of time are all you need to create a striking string art pumpkin. It may look complex, but it’s actually a simple DIY, plus you can make any design you choose.

Lovely Indeed

7. Washi Taped

Pick two or three washi tape designs and stick strips all over your pumpkin. You can use a pattern (plaid would be very cute) or just tape it on willy-nilly.


8. Whitewashed

If you love simple, rustic decor, this no-carve pumpkin idea might speak to you. Replacing the natural stem with a bit of driftwood adds a dreamy, coastal appeal.


9. Blinged Out

For some people, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling. Bedazzle your pumpkin with glued-on rhinestones or adhesive “diamond” wrap ribbon.

Sugar Bee Crafts

10. Chalkboard

When you coat pumpkins with chalkboard paint, kids can design them over and over again. If you use artificial squash, you can use them for years to come.


11. Thumbtacks

A drawn-on design might not look like much, but when you adorn the pumpkin with shiny thumbtacks, it really pops.

The Crazy Craft Lady

12. Yarn-Wrapped

Give your pumpkins a cozy, autumn appeal by swathing them in thick ropes of yarn. No knitting required!

The Crafting Chicks

13. Marbled

You won’t believe the secret ingredient that helps to create a marbled pumpkin. Craft paint and shaving cream are the keys to this glam, modern look.

Chica and Jo

14. Decoupage

Turn leftover scraps of paper into a Halloween decoration with pure country charm. Decoupaging the bits onto a pumpkin gives it a quilted appearance.

The Vintage Umbrella

15. Polka Dotted

If understated elegance with a bit of whimsy is the theme you’re after, consider basic polka dots. The added ribbon provides just the right amount of flair.

Classy Clutter

16. Fabric-Covered

There’s no law that says pumpkins have to be orange. Accent your home decor by wrapping them in gorgeous complementary fabrics.

Unoriginal Mom

17. Confetti

You can’t have a celebration without confetti. Decoupage it onto pumpkins for a festive Halloween party decoration.

The Crafted Life

18. Sparkly

All that glitters might not be gold, but it sure is pretty. Coat pumpkins in sparkly fall shades (and be prepared to find bits of it all year long!).

Two Sisters Crafting

19. Chalk Painted

A simple, vintage look is easy to attain. All you need is some chalk paint, some wax and some free time.

So Much Better with Age

20. Duct Taped

If you try any of the other no-carve pumpkin ideas and they just don’t quite work for you, we have the perfect solution: wrap it in duct tape! It fixes everything.

Confessions of a Plate Addict

[h/t: PopSugar]