20 Text Abbreviations Every Parent Should Know

It can feel nearly impossible for parents to keep up with all the latest text lingo, especially when texting has become its own secret language that you practically need a decoder to understand.

While you may not be able to keep up with every word, here is a list of abbreviations that should raise the red flag and keep you reading. They are broken down by all the hot teen topics: sex, drugs and hiding things from your parents. Check out these text abbreviations to help you better understand what your kids may be up to:

They may be talking to strangers online

These abbreviations could be signs that your child is talking with someone they don’t know. Hopefully each of these texts are followed by a response from your child saying that they know better than to send photos or to meet up with a stranger. Even better they could just start texting “Stranger danger, stranger danger…” Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream right? If nothing else, finding these texts should result in a conversation about the dangers of meeting someone online.

1. ASLP-Age, sex, location, photo

2. LMIRL-Let’s meet in real life

3. F2F-Face to Face

They may be involved with drugs

Each of these abbreviations are related to drug use. Undoubtedly if your child is using these, you need to keep reading and get to the bottom of who is involved and how deep it goes.

4. DOC-Drug of Choice

5. TINA-Code for Meth

6. Hazel-Heroin

7. White Lady-Cocaine

8. 420-Marijuana

They may be trying to hide something from you

Watch out kids, your parents aren’t going to be clueless for long after reading through this list. And in my humble opinion, the more your kids are using these abbreviations, the better. Parents should be watching and listening to what their kids are up to. So if you happen to see one of these on your child’s phone, take it as a pat on the back. Then keep digging until you uncover what it is they are trying to hide from you.

9. KPC-Keeping parents clueless

10. PAL-Parents are listening

11. PAW-Parents Are Watching

12. PIR-Parents In Room

13. MOS-Mom Over Shoulder

14. CD9-Code 9, Parents are around

They may be involved in some sort of sexual activity 

Although some of these may seem silly because they are sent over text, it could be the beginning of something more serious. These abbreviations can represent the start of a sexting relationship or the first step to inappropriate photos being exchanged. Make sure your child understands just how permanent digital pictures may be.

15. CU46-See you for sex

16. GYPO- Get your pants off

17. GNRN-Get Naked Right Now

18. GNOC-Get Naked On Camera

19. SUGARPIC-Sexy pic

20. RUH-Are you horny?


Photo by AFS-USA Intercultural Programs

[h/t Cafe Mom]