Check out 2018’s coolest new trend—denim dye hair

2017 saw the outrageous trend of rainbow, unicorn-inspired colors on the heads of trendsetters around the country. There was also, of course, galaxy hair and even pumpkin spice hair. But this year, a new, perhaps less bright, though equally stunning, trend has arrived: denim dye hair. Everyone loves denim, so why not be the coolest of the cool and rock hair to match your favorite jeans and jackets?

Denim on denim on denim, without being a fashion faux pas. It’s about time! With gorgeous, ombre-style shades of navy, light blue, silver and violet, this hair trend is perfect for both blondes and brunettes. Moreover, it’s great for anyone who wants a new look without going too extreme. Not all of us can sport Lite-Brite hair at our day jobs. Unfortunately. Check out this example of denim dye hair from the Instagram account @brazilianbondbuilder:

What makes this super wearable trend even better is that it doesn’t require any bleaching! Unlike the majority of colorful, loud hair color trends that require you to bleach your hair before dyeing, this denim trend works great on hair of nearly any color. At the same time, even though this dye job doesn’t look quite as complicated as, say, the volcanic style or the Mondrian-inspired look, we definitely advise getting your dye job done by a professional. You want a harmonious blend of hues, not a murky, blue disaster! Look at this beauty from the Unfade Hair Studio:

Lastly, making this trend ideal for almost anyone, you don’t have to have your whole head dyed for it to look awesome. Why not just dye your tips or go for a gradual, ombre-style look, leaving your roots as is? This also makes growing out your color way easier. Look at this example from Instagram user @kylierose_hairartist:

How pretty is this endless blend of blues by Instagram user @davidsolis22?

Even when your full head isn’t dyed, it still looks amazing. Case in point, this pic from Instagram user @rubydevine:

Whether you have a hip sense of style or keep it low key, this hair trend boosts any look for the better. You really can’t go wrong! Look at this short ‘do, colored by Instagram user @saraihairwizard:

Who’s ready for a hair upgrade?