These Will Be The Most Popular Baby Names In 2018


Naming a human is an important task. Whether you go for the classic, traditional vibe (like Elizabeth) or the cute, trendy vibe (like Willow), it’s a decision that can set the tone for your child’s life forever. Hence the popularity of annual baby name lists  — everyone wants to know what names will be on the up-and-up for all the new bundles of joy.

To predict which names would be popular in 2018, the website BabyGaga aggregated baby name data for both boys and girls from the last few years.  Here are the names predicted to take the world by storm next year:

Top 20 Baby Names For Girls In 2018:

20. Stella

19. Harper

18. Amelia

17. Zoe

16. Nora

15. Scarlett

scarlett johansson photo
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14. Aurora

13. Rylie

12. Luna

11. Natalie

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10. Hazel

9. Ellie

8. Victoria

7. Penelope

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6. Savannah

5. Kennedy

4. Violet

3. Sadie

2. Charlotte

1. Emma

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Top 20 Baby Names For Boys In 2018:

20. Isaac

19. Jasper

18. Kai

17. Lucas

16. Hunter

15. Joseph

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14. Logan

13. Brandon

12. Christopher

11. Daniel

10. Alexander

9. Adam

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8. Corin

7. Dylan

6. Reuben

5. Theodore

4. Oliver

3. Atticus

2. Jack

1. Finn

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The list has several names that have been popular for a few years now, namely Emma (the most popular girls’ name in 2016), Harper, Charlotte, Amelia, and Zoe. The boys’ section, too, has some old stand-bys, such as Daniel and Alexander.

But it’s exciting to see some new contenders, like Finn, Atticus, Nora, and Scarlett. Luna, the name of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter, also makes an appearance. Who else is betting that name got on the radar of many parents due to the famous couple?

Some parents like choosing a more common name, so their child won’t feel singled-out. Others prefer to go the original route so their kid’s name really is unique. Either way, the names that are popular today don’t occur with the same frequency in the population like popular names in the past did (I’m looking at you, Jennifer), according to a 2014 article in The Atlantic. In other words, parents are choosing from a wider pool of names.

So if you absolutely adore one of the names above, don’t worry that your kid will be one of three of that name in their preschool class!

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