21 Awesome Pop Culture Coloring Books For Adults

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2015 is the year that adult coloring became mainstream. Adult coloring books have appeared on several bestseller lists throughout the year, and it’s no wonder why – coloring has been found to reduce stress and even boost mental clarity.

Also, let me be the first to tell you – I think coloring books are great. Sitting and coloring is something that I see as a modern form of meditation. However, all of the coloring books offered for adults typically seem to be one in the same, with a repetition of patterns, swirls and polka dots.

That is, until now.

This list of coloring books appeals to the pop culture lovers and gurus out there, like myself. The ones who want to color a character from their favorite TV show or Taylor Swift’s hair rather than another flower or mandala diagram.

1. Harry Potter


The quicker alternative to reading all the books.
Harry Potter Coloring Book (3-Pack), $33.54

2. Breaking Bad


Way better than science, in my opinion.
Breaking Bad: Cookin’ Up Some Color, Yo, $12.13

3. Taylor Swift


Shake it off, color it in.
Colour Me Swifty, $11.59

4. Mad Men


A marketing idea that Don Draper would be proud of.
Mad Men Coloring Book, $9.99

5. 2016 Presidential Candidates


Including Clinton, Sanders, Trump and more.
2016 Presidential Campaign Coloring Book, $9.47

6. Tolkien’s World


Over 90 pages of beautiful scenes imagined up by J.R. Tolkien.
Tolkien’s World: A Fantasy Coloring Book, $10.92

7. Various Male Celebrities


Includes over 60 male celebrities to color in, including (but not limited to): Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney.
Color Me Swoon, $8.55

8. Various Female Celebrities


Jennifer Lawrence, Tina Fey, Kerry Washington and more!
Color Me Girl Crush, $13.62

9. Doctor Who


96 pages of the best Doctor Who scenes, cast members and quotes.
Doctor Who Coloring Book, $9.36

10. Star Wars


A creative alternative to watching all the movies.
Star Wars Art Therapy Coloring Book, $11.97

11. Harry Styles


Because we know he’s your favorite member of One Direction.
Colour Me Good Harry Styles, $11.97

12. Friends


Now you can color in the Central Perk gang. Includes scenes and quotes from the show.
Friends TV Show Coloring Book, $6.50

13. James Franco


Includes scenes from his movies as well as draw-it-yourself pages.
Colour Me Good James Franco, $11.97

14. Drinking and Coloring


Grab a brew while you’re coloring this to “get arty while you party!”
Color Me Drunk: A Drinking And Drawing Activity Book, $11.69

15. Game of Thrones


The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book, $10.17

16. Everyday Adult Life


These hilarious coloring and activity pages poke fun at the lives of modern adults.
Coloring For Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book, $9.89

17. 90s Throwbacks


Color all your favorite things about the 90s for instant nostalgia.
The 1990s Coloring Book: All That And A Box Of Crayons (Psych! Crayons Not Included), $7.02

18. 80s Throwbacks


Now Madonna can wear whatever color you want.
Colour Me Good, ’80s, $12.33

19. Thrill Murray


This Thrill (aka Bill) Murray coloring book includes scenes from all of his classic films.
Thrill Murray Coloring Book, $12.60

20. The Zombie Apocalypse


This coloring book gives The Walking Dead fans a chance to create gory works of art.
The Zombie Apocalypse: The (Almost) Adult Coloring Book, $6.50

21. Dinosaurs With Jobs


These pages feature dinosaurs with jobs such as a driving instructor, astronaut and dog groomer. Because why not?
Dinosaurs With Jobs, $6.99