21 non-candy alternatives to pass out this Halloween

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Dressing up as a favorite character is fun, but the reason kids really love Halloween is the hoard of treats they collect on their trek around the neighborhood that night. However, all of those gratis goodies can add up to a less-than-healthful collection.

A child can easily amass thousands of calories worth of candy on this spooky night. The Daily Mail reports that kids consume more than 3,000 calories from Halloween candy and parents come close to eating nearly 2,000 extra calories as well.

If you’d like to avoid adding to this frightening statistic, consider doling out something besides sweets on All Hallows’ Eve. Don’t worry—you don’t have to give kids fruits and veggies. There are loads of cool and exciting alternative treats that your Halloween visitors will rave over, and that’s no trick.

1. Stampers

Self-inking stamps are fun for decorating paper, marking personal property or stamping the backs of little hands. This pack of 24 includes 12 different designs.


2. Punch Balloons

Simple toys can provide hours of entertainment. Try these Halloween-designed balloons with rubber bands for punching.


3. Bouncy Eye Balls

They’re not eyeballs, but these bouncy balls look like eyes, making for the perfect combo of creepy and fun.


4. Glow In The Dark Ducks

Not your average rubber ducky, these Halloween candy alternatives are dressed in a variety of costumes and glow when the lights are out.


5. Wikki Stix

A combination of wax (which helps them stick together) and yarn, these craft sticks can be shaped into virtually any design kids can imagine.


6. Glitter Sticky Hands

Kids won’t miss the candy when they’re slapping these shimmering, sticky hands against all sorts of surfaces. With 72 in a pack, it’s easy to make sure you have enough for trick-or-treaters, as well.


7. Play-Doh

Even the littlest monsters will be thrilled to receive this goodie in their treat bag. Grab a package of 80 fun-size cans of the colorful clay here.


8. Wind-Up Toys

Chattering teeth, walking skeletons and bobbing eyeballs; what’s not to love? This 12-pack features a dozen different designs.


9. Glow Bracelets

Kids can use these treats to keep safe on Halloween night. They’re budget friendly, too. A pack of 100 costs less than $10.


10. Finger Puppets

A happy assortment of Halloween characters makes up this kid-size finger puppet collection, which will fit nicely as an alternative to sweets in your Halloween candy bowl.


11. Bendable Zombies

Not exactly the walking dead, but these zombies sure do twist and curve. Kids can bend them into almost any pose.


12. LED Rings

Light up the night with illuminated jewelry that boys and girls will want to wear right away. With 50 rings in a pack and an array of designs, these non-candy treats are a win.


13. Monster Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fave of the younger set, and these goofy grinning monsters are just right for Halloween night. At 72 tats for less than $5, they’re easy on your budget, as well.


14. Mini Magic Springs

These stretchy, springy, colorful coils are fun for fidgeting or cool to try to “walk” down the stairs. They come in four Halloween colors with unique pumpkin faces.


15. Friendship Bracelets

Adjustable, neon-colored cord bracelets make an original Halloween treat that will last much longer than candy corn. This package includes 144 bracelets for less than $10.


16. Spooky Pencils

School has been back in session for a little while now, which means a plethora of pencils have been chewed up, sharpened down and just plain lost. Replenish the neighborhood school supply stash by passing out these fun pencils instead of sugary treats.


17. Character Erasers

What can top a Halloween pencil? Why, a silly eraser, of course (quite literally!). These eerie erasers come in numerous designs, such as bats, ghosts, monsters and witches.


18. Vampire Fangs

Have you ever seen a Disney Princess vampire? You may get to if you hand out these fun, glow in the dark chompers.


19. Glow In The Dark Bugs

Creepy, crawly critters make the perfect addition to a treat bag, especially when they’re made of plastic.


20. Shape Puzzles

Small puzzles in fun Halloween shapes come individually wrapped in bright, festive packages, making them easy to hand out.


21. Activity Books

After a long night of begging for treats, kids (and parents) can rest their feet while they find their way through mazes, connect the dots or try out tricky tongue twisters with these Halloween-themed activity books.


There are so many clever, cool and creepy goodies you can give out that you may never hand trick-or-treaters candy again. Of course, you can still hit the Halloween clearance sales for yourself. We promise, we won’t tell.

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