22 Brilliantly Simple Products That’ll Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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Let’s face it – everybody is looking for ways to simplify their lives. Whether it’s a recipe that cuts your cooking time in half or a vacuum that is half the price, people will always want to find ways to save some time and/or money.

These products are designed to make your life a little bit easier by simplifying your everyday routines in some way. Get these as holiday gifts, or be like me and keep them for yourself.

1. A Luggage Scale

Hook this portable scale over the handle of your suitcase, and you’ll easily know the weight of your bag. Use this before you get to the airport, and the days of crossing your fingers that your bag is under 50 pounds will be history.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.43.50 AM

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale, $16.97

2. A Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot Or Cold For Hours and Hours

Yeti Tumbler, $69.99

3. A Water Bottle Humidifier Cap

This portable humidifier works its magic right from your water bottle. Put the cap in your purse and take it with you anywhere to instantly relieve the dry air around you.


Mini USB Humidifier, $17.20

4. Bed Risers With Built-In Outlets

This is something I wish I had when I was living in a dorm. Whether you’re still in college, know somebody who is, or are just running out of places to put your extra things in your teeny apartment- this is a product that anybody could benefit from. Raises your bed 7 inches for optimal storage.


Studio 3b 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set, $50.62

5. A Water Bottle With A Built-In Wallet

If you’re a runner, you’ll know the feeling of wanting to bring money with you on a run, but also not wanting to carry around your wallet. This eliminates that problem with a water bottle and wallet all in one.


AVEX Kangaroo Autoseal Hydration Bottle, $11.40

6. Rubber Wine Glasses

Never worry about breaking your wine glasses again with these light-weight and portable rubber glasses. They’re shatterproof, recyclable and dishwasher safe.


Shatterproof Wine Glass, Set of 2, $9.99

7. Watermelon Slicer

Everybody knows that slicing up a watermelon can be a hassle, so use this slicer to reduce your slicing time and increase your eating time. And don’t limit yourself to just slicing watermelons – use it with other large foods, such as cantaloupes and pineapples.


Modern Home Melon Slicer, $12.99

8. Solar-Powered Window Phone Charger

Use the sun to charge your phone, in the most convenient way ever, with this window phone charger. It’s solar-powered, so all you have to do is stick the charger onto your window and plug in your phone.


Square Window Sticker Solar Charger, $69.99

9. Portable Smoothie Maker

If you want to make a smoothie to-go without dirtying up an extra cup, this is perfect for you. Blend your smoothie with the cup, then take it off the machine and take it with you. Genius.


Oster My Blend Blender, $24.50

10. A Bag Re-Sealer

If you don’t eat that bag of chips in one sitting, use this bag re-sealer to keep them fresh for the next time you indulge. It includes a magnet on the back to keep this handy on your refrigerator.


iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer, $14.95

11. Smartphone Thermometer

There are many instant thermometers out there. What makes this one different is that it connects to a smartphone app that not only gives you your temperature, but also remembers your illness history and provides advice for treatment.


Kinsa Smart Thermometer, $18.97

12. Mesh Bottom Beach Bag

Never get sand in your beach bag again with this simple tote. Its mesh netting will remove all the sand from your bag when you shake it.


Quirky Shake Backpack, $80.00

13. Wireless Speaker Showerhead

Listen to music in the shower – straight from the water source itself. Use this waterproof speaker inside the shower or take it with you after you’re done. It also has a push to speak button to answer any incoming phone calls.


H2O Vibe Rain Showerhead With Wireless Speaker, $42.00

14. Horizontal Reflective Glasses

Watch TV while laying down, and never strain your neck again.


Horizontal Reflective Glasses, $10.28

15. Pizza Scissors

These scissors combine as scissors and a spatula so that you can cut a piece of hot pizza and swiftly put it on your plate.


Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors, $12.99

16. Smartphone Camera Lenses

These lenses quickly fasten on top of your phone’s camera lens. This is an easier alternative to carrying around bulky cameras for a high-quality photo, without the high-quality price.


GoGo Robots Camera Lens Kit, $14.95

17. On-The-Go Crock Pot

Keep the warming base at work and bring your food with you to warm up your lunch right at your desk. No more waiting in line for the microwave during your break.


Crock Pot Lunch Food Warmer, $24.99

18. Foldable Chopping Board

Rinse/strain your food, cut it, and then pour it onto your plate all with this 3-in-1 cutting board. It lays flat and folds for your convenience and is dishwasher safe.


Joseph Joseph Rinse And Chop Cutting Board, $17.77

19. Smartpen

For those of us who prefer to write notes instead of typing them, write them with this smartpen and everything will instantly show up on your computer. It also works with audio recordings, so anything you say can also be transcribed to your computer.


Livescribe Echo Smart Pen, $88.80

20. Pet Cam And Treat Dispenser

The product allows you to see and speak to your pet from anywhere. Set up the camera in the room you want it and install the app on your phone, and you’re good to go. It even dispenses treats with its “treat launcher”.


Petzi Treat Cam, $169.99

21. Self Stirring Mug

Blend your drink, whatever it may be, with the push of a button. No more dirty spoons.


Evelots Press Button Self Stirring Mug, $9.49

22.  An Alarm Clock That Donates Your Money To Charity When Snoozing

It’s a win – win.  You stay in bed and a charity gets money.

Thinkgeek, $39,99