22 Delightful Products For People Who Love To Write And Take Notes

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When you’re looking for a classy gift to get that crafty person in your life, you can’t go wrong with shoes, watches or bags – but something that can take the creativity up a notch is stationery. There’s something so charming about a hand-written letter or a set of matching thank you cards. From pens to notebooks, these gifts can be used as everyday essentials or casual accessories; either way, your creative side is sure to come out.

1. 100-Day Happiness Planner

Not only can you plan your schedule, but this planner also calls for overall positive thinking by having options to record your thoughts, goals, exercises and meals for the day. Missed the chance to give this to somebody for New Year’s? That’s alright – you fill in the dates, so Day One can be anytime.


The Happiness 100-Day Planner, $30

2. Hello Sunshine Pens

Get a cute burst of encouragement while you write with these adorable ‘Hello Sunshine’ pens. They’ll brighten up your day and your desk.


Hello Sunshine Pen, $5

3. Thank You Cards

This package of 36 thank you cards feature six different designs on the front cover and a blank slate on the inside, allowing you to customize it to your liking.


Thank You Potpourri, $12.99

4. Origami Stationery

This 64-page book of origami stationery includes materials and instructions to make envelopes, note cards, and other stationery materials.


Origami Stationery Book, $6.99

5. Wild Poppy Sticky Notes

Write down your short, quick thoughts on the cutest sticky notes ever. With an appealing wildflower pattern and 640 sheets of paper, you’re guaranteed to “stick” with these for awhile.


Wild Poppy Sticky Notes, $12

6. Ticket Stub Diary

For the frequent concert-goer or the one who has season tickets to the game, get them this stylish ticket stub diary. Stick the ticket into the sleeves and then record a memory about your day on the lines provided.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.53.30 PM

Ticket Stub Diary, $12

7. Compact Pencil Case

This case is the perfect gift for the person in your life who has started losing track of all the pens she owns, or the one who just wants to get more organized. It’s multi-layered, portable and fashionable.


Homecube Pencil Case, $10.99

8. Password Reminder Book

Let’s face it – all of us have somehow acquired a million passwords to a million different websites. Keep them all in this book so that you’ll never have to click ‘Forgot Password?’ again.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.01.07 PM

Open Seseme! Password Reminder Book, $13

9. Vintage Airmail Envelopes

Mailing somebody a letter is a vintage thing to do, and sending it in this envelope is the icing on the cake. These memorable envelopes will make the snail mail experience that much better.


Vintage Airmail Envelopes, $2.75

10. Planner Stamps

For the perfectionists out there who have to have the text in their planners align evenly, these stamps will cater to your bullet-pointing needs.


Planner Stamps, $4.31

11. Calligraphy Starter Kit

If you’re just starting to write calligraphy, this kit has everything you could possibly need. A steel nib, black ink, instructional booklets, decorating labels and more.


Belle Calligraphy Starter Kit, $30

12. Recipe Organizer

Combine all your recipes into one organized cookbook. With pages to write recipes, tearable recipes cards, an “About the Cook” section and more, this book is designed to keep the cooking both organized and entertaining.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.15.17 PM

Handbound Recipe Organizer, $48

13. Gel Pens – Set Of 12

These polka dot gel pens come in 12 different colors to allow you to express yourself in colorful ways. The possibilities are endless.


Stationery Gel Ink Pens, $11.90

14. Masking Sticker Set

Use the 27 patterns as decorations in your journal or use some on a letter. It also comes in a paper envelope to keep yourself organized.


Masking Sticker Set, $5.99

15. Chalkboard Pencils

Ever wonder how some people can write on a chalkboard so perfectly? These pencils might help. They’re mechanical and come in 17 different colors.


Mechanical Chalk Pencils, $14.95

16. The Lettermate

This envelope addressing guide ensures that every envelope you address looks just as perfect as the last.


The Original Lettermate, $9.95

17. Brown Envelope Sketchbook

Catch anybody’s eye with this brown envelope leather-wrap sketchbook. It includes a ribbon bookmark, and extra long wrapping on the outside to keep it shut securely.


Brown Envelope Sketchbook, $38

18. Carve-A-Stamp Kit

This kit lets you carve any stamp that you want. Includes templates, printable ink, a carrying case and more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.33.20 PM

Carve-A-Stamp Kit, $28

19. Customized Envelopes

Put your name on all of these envelopes and you’ll have people wondering how in the world you wrote so nicely. Includes 25 envelopes.


Calligraphy-Style Custom Envelopes, $100

20. Pencil Sharpener

Get these adorable pencil sharpeners for the writer in your life. Each sharpener has two blades, and come in four different colors.


Pencil Sharpener, $2.80

21. Math Pencils

In case you don’t have any pencils for your sharpener, get these quirky pencils that have different math messages on them.


Math Pencil Set, $9.78

22. Printable Finances Kit

Keep your finances organized in the most fabulous way possible. This kit is available for an instant download to get a jumpstart for the New Year.


Printable Finances Kit, $9