25 ways the world would be worse if it weren’t for dogs

If you’re a dog lover, you know they’re pretty much the best. From providing comfort in times of major tragedy, to being awesome with kids to just being our everyday constant companion, it truly seems like dogs can do no wrong.

In that spirit, #IfItWerentForDogs began trending on Twitter this week. People used the hashtag to extol the virtues of dogs and all the ways our lives would be much worse without canine companions.

Some messages were funny, some were heartwarming and some were just plain true. But they all had one thing in common: proving just how awesome (and life-changing dogs) really are. Check out these 25 tweets that totally nail all the ways dogs make life just a little bit sweeter.

1. Dogs Literally Save Lives


2. And They Serve Our Nation

3. Without Dogs, Timmy Would Still Be In A Well

4. A World Without Dogs Would Be A World Full Of Tears

5. Who Would We Cuddle With?


6. Going Home Would Be So Very Dull


7. Dogs > People


8. Many Families Would Not Be Complete


9. What Would We Do With All That Extra Personal Space?


10. Living With A Disability Would Be Even More Challenging

11. We’d Probably Say Many More Things We Regret

12. Our Floors Would Be A Mess

13. Our Diets Would Be Doomed


13. Loss Would Hurt Even More


14. We Would Be Less Safe

15. Life Would Be So Boring

16. Did We Mention We’d Be Less Safe?

17. And We’d Be Lonelier

18. We’d Definitely Be More Out Of Shape

19. Work Would Be The Pits Without Dogs

20. We’d Be Soooo Much Less Chill Without Dogs

21. Social Media Would Be A Total Waste Of Time

22. We’d Still Be Searching For Answers To Life’s Age-Old Questions

23. Judgment Would Abound


24. We’d Be So Darn Serious


25. Honestly, What Would Be The Point?

What do you think life would be like if it weren’t for dogs?